New Year resolution for a campus Lady

Some say New Year resolution are stupid. I don’t see anything wrong with someone planning out their year with goals and a list of things they want to do. Go ahead, make those plans.

This is a chance for a new beginning. To quote Taylor Swift “blank space”. If you not sure of what to do this coming year here is a few tips.

1. Declutter my lady. Declutter is not a real word but what I mean is get rid of the clutters in your closet, house, kitchen, and your life in general. Throw away or donate anything you don’t use or need . This might seem like an insignificant change in your life but it’s more liberating than anything. Old books, old clothes, old shoes, utensils you don’t use, plastic bags in your kitchen etc etc. Just get rid of them and make it a habit to throw away or donate things you don’t use anymore. This creates more space in your room and it’s easier to organize your things. It also makes packing easier in case you need to move. You should also get rid of those people in your life you don’t need.

2. Read my lady. I don’t mean your phone in this case, I mean books. Pick a subject you have been interested in and educate yourself. You can also read novels to improve your vocabulary and sometimes escape from reality to this other universe. Just anything but darling, please read. Resolve to be an avid reader.

3. Keep a journal. Am not saying you write your days event chronologically, that’s tiring. You won’t get to end of January before you stop. Just a few words to sum up your day. Plus writing something down is the best way to keep memories. This will also improve your summarising skills after all.

4. Finish the unfinished; Start the year by finishing all your undone projects, unfinished books, undone poems, and anything you left pending. Work on all your half done projects, goals and objectives. Go ahead and start by finishing whatever you once worked on and didn’t get to the end. Start on a new slate after you are done with the undone. This will clear bugs in your conscious and unconscious. The smoke will clear and you can start working on new things. It’s like a burden is removed.

5. Invest in a morning routine;If you don’t have a morning routine then 2016 you should invest on one. It could be reading an inspiration book, it could be coffee, it could be music, it could meditation, it could be working out, it could be praying, it could be anything. It could be spreading your bed. Anything. Just have a morning routine. Start your day with a routine. A good day starts in the morning. The secret ingredient in a recipe for a good day is a routine. In case you didn’t know.

6. Clean out your closet; You can begin with one skeleton at a time. Daddy’s issues? Start dealing. Mommy’s issues? Start dealing. Toxic friendships? Dump them. Toxic relationships ? Get rid of them. Anger issues? Start dealing. Whatever issues you have you better start dealing. Work on your emotional health. Though this is going to take some time but someday you will achieve. “Your emotional health is as important as your physical health” once said some professor in some class I attended in campus.

7. Reduce your social media use; Make a conscious decision to cut down on your social media use. Facebook, instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc etc etc. There’s this thing called ‘healthy surfing’ You should try sometime. For example, reading research papers instead of Facebooking (not a real word). You are a student for crying out loud and there is always room for knowledge.

8. Visit the library at least once every week; You don’t have to study in the library or so something like that, you can go read a magazine or browse for free after all there’s free Wi-Fi in there or you can study. There’s nothing like too much knowledge. I doubt they will publish this point since there’s no point there. It’s just one of those things. Maybe it’s because I love the library and this is my attempt to make you start visiting this magical place. Maybe you will find the magic the rest of us did find.

9. Join a club, association or any group around campus as long as it’s not a cult. That’s if you not already in one. It provides a sense of belonging somewhere. Home away from home  If you already in one then be more active and committed. Or contest for a Leadership position.

10. Try something new this year. Get out of your comfort zone. Push your limits everyday. “Nothing good comes from the comfort zone.” So have been told. Learn something new this year. Language or skill or whatever. PUSH YOUR LIMITS. Make an effort to be better each day.

11. Nurture your spiritual life. If you don’t have a religion please find one. It will make you sleep better if you believe there’s someone out there who looks out for you. If you already have one, ensure you keep nurturing it.

Finally, “write it in your heart that everyday is a good day.” Don’t let anything bring you down. You should resolve on having only good days. Another year that brings you closer to finishing campus. I wish you a Happy New Year and prosperous 2016.


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