Stop the small talks, change the tune.

If I ever fall in love it won’t be with the man who talks about the weather. It won’t be with the man who talks about fuel prices. It won’t be with the man who talks about the story on the cover page of Daily Nation. I really hate small talks. It won’t be with someone who talks about what’s going on in social media. Or the one who reports what’s on TV..


For the twenty one years have been here have spent more than a decade dealing with small talk. Shrinking myself to the level of small talk. I have had enough, don’t you think? I refuse to waste one more moment in small talks.

So, if I ever fall in love with someone and he with me I would tell him that I don’t want to do small talks..


I want to talk about the ways of the world and whether God can be defined by something as limiting as religion.


I want to talk about perspective – what makes it and what changes it. And how it defines us. And what makes what perspective right or wrong.


I want to talk about the theory of multiple universes.  How this theory could affect humanity. Let’s argue about this. And whether or not they believe in this theory.

I want to talk about galactic colonization and how flaws in Star Wars on the same.


I want to talk about time travelling. The possibility of going to the past and visiting the future.


Instead of small talks, how about we write poems and short stories. Let’s share ideas of a book. We can even have a plot and write a story together. I tried that with one of my close friends, it didn’t end well. Maybe because we thought of the same plot and everyone wrote their own story. We ended up arguing over how someone ruined the story. Of course I killed more people than intended in the story. But it’s better than talking about the weather, don’t you think?


I want to talk about the characters in the book am reading and why Michael was better than his father(Don) in the book Godfather. Why I love some characters more than others. Why superheroes stories are overrated or not overrated.


I want to talk about fire and why it burns. Why sometimes there’s smoke and sometimes it’s clear. About metaphors and symbolism of art and weight of words.


I want to talk about spirituality and religion. The journey of man to peace and harmony. The songs of the birds. The wisdom of the River. The ways of the ocean and the secrets of the ocean.


I want to talk about why the caged bird sings instead of using its beak to break free.


I want to talk about our journeys. All the choice we made throughout. The wrong turns that proved right and the right turns that turned out to be wrong. To talk about how we both loved in the past. To talk about the things that drive us crazy. To talk about the things that broke us. The things that burn, the things that make us laugh, the things that make us feel alive, the things that numb us, the things that awaken the things that would otherwise lie dormant. The things that make us bleed. The things that closes up the wounds. Our unseen scars and visible scars.


I want to talk about impulse and inspiration. The things that keep us going. Our motivation. Our most intense passion to the extent we can’t stop talking and loose track of time- the time we are diving headfirst to each others depths instead of small talks.


Because what does it matter that’s it’s warm outside or its raining all week if we could talk about things that could turn the world on its head? Why waste our words on small talk when we know there’s mind blowing, earth shifting often unanswered things we could uncover? Why stay in the surface when we have it in us to dive deeper?


I don’t have time for small talk and I only have time for the man who embraces the same- that is, if we shall and should fall in love.


And if we should find ourselves talking and falling I have a funny feeling the weather and fuel prices will be the last thing to cross our minds..

P. S. Unedited

P. S. S. Small talks are draining, nobody should get stuck in.


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