87 years old imprisoned, tax payers are happy.

I’m very proud of the ones guarding our constitution. They are sticking by the book indeed. They are working day and night to protect our constitution, maintain law and order. Just so we can all sleep well at night. Especially when it involves stolen two chairs worth 1000 Kenyan shillings.


That was a clean job done. As a tax payer I don’t know where to start from, appreciating you. I’m sure every other Kenyan feels the same.


I’m going to try and narrate the events of those past days chronologically. Here we go, relax.


The police got a tip for crime committed by some unamed 87 years old. It was an emergency, so someone took the police vehicle and headed to the crime scene. She was brought in for questioning. I assume two officers were involved. They go in pair always. You can’t go field work alone. Statements were written and she was locked up. Awaiting the court hearing. Our good officers finished doing their job and off for Christmas they left. They probably had a merrier Christmas than the rest of us. They saved two stolen chairs from our 87 years old. Didn’t they? She was locked up, the world was a better place. They are serving us well. Aren’t they?


After Christmas, the case was hearing started.  The Prosecutor, judge and the witness were present I guess. One of our two officers was probably there too, to hand in the case to the state. Let’s not forget the accused. The proceeding probably took two hours or less or more. Never been in a court session before. I assume it’s like how it happens in movies, and that usually takes like three minutes.


Our law and order keepers found shosh guilty and was sentenced to prison.


She didn’t have a lawyer. So, this was an open and close case. Every one is glad it didn’t turn into a circus. No long boring proceedings. Everyone is happy, even the tax payer.

I’m proud of you. I really I’m. You are just doing your jobs, reducing the jam in our courts today.


Congratulations one more time. Especially the team that was involved. As tax payers and every other Kenyan is proud of the clean work you did. You got the media attention, more prove how good you are at keeping the law. We are also proud of how our resources are being used. The fuel, the human resource involved and how you spend your time doing this particular  job. Keep it up!

This team should probably get a raise or promotion probably, Mr. President.



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