Someday you will have to decide whether it’s him you want or my life. It’s getting pretty confusing this past few months.

Well, I know I’m great with your child. I’m good at playing mommy you know . Sometimes I think I practically raised my little brother. My maternal instincts were developed pretty early.

Every time you drop your child. We always have a great time. We read books together. We go for walks and we watch stupid movies. We laugh a lot. I don’t over do anything. I don’t try to be liked. It just happens. We fight but we never go to bed angry. I’m talking about your child here. Now you know why he looks forward to the weekend in my house.

He doesn’t refuse to eat vegetables. I was shocked when you told me he doesn’t eat vegetables at your house. He is just such an adorable kid you know. He also washes his clothes in my house. I don’t know why you keep saying he refuses to do this things in your house.

He is pretty good in PS too. He beats me every time. He says he plays alone at home. That’s pity you know. I feel bad for him.

I don’t have a problem with your parenting skills. You can raise him as a couch potato or hardworking or a smart guy. I don’t care. He is your son after all.

I have seen how you look at me when you bring him over. I can’t seem to decide though. Is it envy or pure hatred? Your son has sensed too. He tells me everything you tell him about me. Are you trying to get him to hate me? I think you should try harder. I’m likeable you know. When I choose to be. And with your son, I chose to be likeable.

It wasn’t hard. I just became mommy. Something you have no idea how to be. You don’t help him with his homework. And all you do is buy him more games and DVDs as much as you can. He has watched more movies in his life than I have my entire life. He recommends me movies this days you know. You Make him eat microwave food through the week. You can’t cook? Well, I don’t either. But I cook when he is around. You should try this sometime.You don’t even tell him goodnight.  Then you wonder why he likes me? Come on love. Try being present for once. He might just love you. Stop being bitter about his father.

Well, the two important men in your life love me? No. That’s not true. Only your son does. His father still loves you. I have seen it in his eyes. More than once. You the one who carried his child, remember? You know what infuriates me? You don’t see the obvious. You have power over him that I don’t. But you don’t see that, just like you don’t see your son needs you. You are a fool.

You can have both of them if you stop hating me so much, maybe. You can get your happy ever after if you try a little bit.

Just change a few things. Start being present and stop trying to be me. And start hitting the gym, get sexy back. Change your wardrobe. Stop calling him in the middle of the night crying. It’s pathetic. Quit drinking every day. Just get your sorry bitter ass healthy.

I will walk away. I promise. Once you get your shit together . It doesn’t mean I don’t love them, this means I pity you. Plus, I’m nice. I also have dreams to chase. Mine were never in the eyes of a boy. My dreams I mean. And also, your son deserves to have both his parents around.

This is me giving you a second chance. You better not waste it. Maybe it’s your last shot to be happy. Don’t  sabotage your dreams by show him this letter. There’s nothing I’m losing though. You have something to loose.

He breaks up with him for not loving him enough to the extent I’m trying to get him back with the mother of his child. I walk away a free bird. He hates you for being weak and pathetic. I get my freedom and you stay wallowing in misery. Your call.

Be brave. Be strong. Get help. Grow up. Get your shit together. Let go of the past. And you will get your boys back. Just like old times.

“Woman to woman? ” you have to decide if you want your boys back or my life.

Think about it.



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