Learn something new every day

they say.
And this year,
I’m accepting all reasonable advice. 

Think I’ll become an expert
at the magic of a lullaby.
Or the aerodynamics of a butterfly
flutter-flying by.

I will carefully memorize
my own content sighs
and savor each and every one
priceless hug from my soul. 

I will educate myself
on the inner workings of the clock
and instead of trying to either hurry things along
or stop time from ticking altogether
I will tuck each moment quietly in my heart

I will learn to be more patient
with my brethren
my true love
my friends
the people I meet along the way
but most of all,
with this girl I greet in the mirror each day.

I will calculate and contemplate
consider and excogitate…
The number of bubbles needed to make the perfect bath.
The circumference of the perfect chocolate kiss.
The weight of the perfect smile.
I will ask more questions
and really listen for the answers.

I will write more, laugh more, live more.
Quietly. And without demands or deadlines.
I will ponder poetry,
visualize verse
weave silly nothings from words I love
for the sheer joy of seeing them dance across a page.
I will carefully research my own dreams
take my own most tattered pieces by the seams
forgive my body
use my head
and learn each dream
by heart.
Yes, this year I will take a crash course
in contentment,
and studiously cram for life’s final exams. 

But where, oh where, to start?

I will listen for Contementment’s still, small voice,
Her whispers in the madness.
And this time
I will take notes.


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