An Open Letter to Kenyans Academicians/ professors/doctors

I didn’t know academician is even a real word till my auto correct approved. And by doctors I mean those with a doctorate.

First of all I would like to thank you all for the great workyou have been doing and that which you will do. May heavens bless the work of your hands. I know you guys work day and night to make the world a better place. Your innovations and theories is what keeps the world on toes. You are a problem solving unit. 

But all that is in vain if you don’t allow the material to be available online. Not vain in the sense that it doesn’t help. But to us young researchers it proves a little hard to obtain secondary data if you don’t publish your work online.

I read papers from all over the world, while I was writing my proposal. I’m sorry to say this but there was only one paper I got from Kenya. It was done by some undergraduate from some university. It’s pity to find only Kenyan paper from such a wide topic.

When I was defending the said proposal, it wasn’t a walk in the park. Imagine proving that there is no research done on close to what I was working on to learned people? It was hectic. It’s like proving nothing exists.

We are a different generation and we rarely visit the library. I know you stash all your work somewhere in that building full of ‘maintain silence’ post it. We don’t appreciate the post it and we don’t like the silence either.

My generation does not appreciate anything old fashion or conservative apart from the terrible sense of fashion you guys had back then. And maybe your music. We shunt away from everything else.

We have been programmed to assume Google knows everything. And if we can’t get it in Google then it doesn’t exist. Simple and clear. And nothing is gonna change that, not even bad grades. We just can’t go to the library.

This is my humble request, please publish your papers online and maybe, just maybe. We will start reading your work. If Google knows it then maybe we will be interested.

I started working on my research and with my group members we swore to publish the final report online. Just in case in future someone needs this information it ll be accessible to them.

And maybe y’all should follow the same example. Remember the hassle for hunting down for literature? It was never easy for me and I doubt it was easy for you either. How about we make the world a better place for anyone researching In future?

Sincerely,  undergraduate students


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