1. You don’t call, you prefer texting. And that’s my kind of person. You only call when it’s absolutely necessary.

2. I like you because you never introduced me to your siblings. Not even by name. Every time we meet them you talk like I don’t even exist. Like I’m not there! And I like how they play along. They don’t ask questions.

3. I like you because you don’t text me everyday. You understand I need space. You need space too. It gives me room to miss you. Or think about you. Space to obsess about you, I Wonder what’s occupying your time. I keep guessing what fills your day. That’s my kind of thing.

4. I like you because you don’t bring up the L word. You don’t say you love me. Never.

5. You don’t do small talk’s. You don’t ask if I’m doing good. You don’t ask about the weather. You don’t ask if I ate or not. I like how you ignore mundane things.

6. I like you because you don’t bother to comfort me when I’m feeling low or crying. The way you leave the room when I hit rock bottom is a gift. And the fact that you don’t bring that moment up makes me want to propose. Makes me want to marry you.

7. I like you because you don’t hold my hand in public. Or in private for that matter. I’m touchy but I despise human touch. I like how you let me touch you without You reciprocating.

8. I like you because you call me by name. No pet games. I like how you say my name in full. I can only imagine the taste of my name in your lips. I guess it tastes like Honey and everything sweet.

9. I like how you don’t bother to coming to pick me up on our date nights. Being a gentleman is clearly not your thing.

10. I like you because you don’t try to please me. And you don’t treat me like I’m fragile. You don’t offer help unless I ask. The fact that you let me take care of myself means a lot to me.

11. I like how you don’t ask things about me. And how you remember every information I volunteer. You never asked about my favorite colour or the colour I bleed when I’m alone.

If you stay like this, a girl might just propose. I would love to be the mother of your children. As long as You stay the same. You can evolve of course, as long as the evolution doesn’t interfere with everything that I like about You. This might last forever.


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