What I want my little sister to know


It’s Wednesday. It’s that day of the week where we post pics of women we are crushing on. And my WCW today is my little sister. She will be turning 13 somewhere this year. It’s that age where teenage hood is at it’s best. That age that you are expected to act like an adult and still be a child.

If I could go back in time, the things I’m telling you today I would have told myself then. Thank God for big sisters, you don’t have to learn this by your own. I walked that road for you. This is not me trying to make you not live your life little sister, you actually should live your life. Just do your thing. I’m telling you this so that when you finally get to experience this things, it won’t come as a surprise. My little one.

Someday soon you will get your first period. You have probably learned this in science. They call it monthly period. In real life it’s not like they say in textbook. It’s uncomfortable at first. The pain is something you have never felt, that’s what they call crumps. When this happens;you no longer a child. You have passed that, you are now a woman. Physically though.

Your breasts Will enlarge. Of course you expecting this, science did teach you this. What science didn’t do is that bras suck. And you will have to wear that thing for the rest of your life. I saw how excited you were to start wearing bras. Darling, you will be in for a shock. Lemme not ruin the surprise for you, though.

I want you to know that everyday is the oldest you can ever be. Live each day Like your last. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or take blind jumps. Live for the moment. Live each day at a time.

High school will come. You will hate those four years and thereafter, you will miss it. You will meet mean girls, you Will probably be among the mean ones. It will be blissful and challenging. Discovering yourself and testing your limits is part of the show. You will do a lot of experiments, with your life, body, mind and everything in between. It’s part of growing up. Your grades will probably possibly suck. You will laugh and cry. You Will meet girls who will probably become your lifelong friends. Some you will never meet. High school will be crazy, but we need the crazy to stay sane. These madness will also pass. Go with the flow, let peer pressure take control. Live it up. Perhaps you will regret some of your actions. But then again, the best memories are always from horrible ideas.

In this journey called life. You will be lost and not lost. Such is life. Don’t worry, you will figure things out. Don’t fret over tomorrows that will never come. Go through the good, the bad, and the ugly while you feel the moment.

Someday you will appreciate coffee. You call it bitter now. But one day, that bitter juice will be all you need to be a functional human being. When coffee hits your soul you feel more human than anything. You will know this the day you realize that people are draining. A refill of coffee will prevent you from hitting an idiot with a chair on the face. Thank me later.

Hey, periods are not all horrible BTW. The Bliss after bleeding is mind blowing. I know this because have experienced.

You will feel pretty, ugly, stabby, and a million other emotions. It’s being a girl. It’s being female. Your hormones are just playing with you, in conjunction with mother nature. You can’t run away from this. It’s part of the show, Darling.

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