Here Is To Never Growing up( like we have a choice, funny)


Avril song here is to never growing up is playing in the background. I have it on repeat. I want this moment to last forever. The part where I just don’t care, living like I’m now. The part where someone else is responsible for my welfare. Someone else is worrying about my bills and fees etc etc etc. All I do is get through the day, work hard and not to embarrass them with horrible grades.

My professor once said most people hate responsibility. This morning I noticed how right she was then. I just realized I don’t want to grow up. I don’t want to be a proper adult with adult responsibilities.

I love campus love, maybe a little too much. All I have to do is study a little to get something a little over 40%, miss all the 9 o’clock classes, miss the evening classes, do more talking in group discussions more than the actual group work and end up with substandard work. That’s there’s to do with education. That’s there is for the entire week day.

On the weekends you party like a broke Rock star. Cheap liquor in plastic cups for some people. Others are actually a little loaded so they just do cheap liquor but not in plastic cups. And there are those like me, we prefer a quite weekend with a good book and good conversations, while drinking cheap wine that stains our teeth. Or go hiking and sweat our

On Sundays, others go to Church. Some are nursing hangovers. And then there are those like me; we just want to be Left alone. We need a detox from humans. That’s how we recharge, preparing for the week to begin with.

A repeat of events from one semester to the next. One week to the next. One moon to the next. Siddhartha doesn’t agree with me though. His school of thought is that; an event may seem like a routine but it’s never the same. It might have the same feel, same results, same actions but every time it’s new.
Do I subscribe to that school of thought? I don’t know. I’m just as lost as everyone else in their twenties.

Great week ahead y’all. Stay positive, that’s what they say.

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