A Sincere Love Letter (to my phone)


“Your phone has already replaced your watch, your alarm, your computers. Don’t let it replace your family. ”
I saw that quote somewhere in the internet. And I thought, the person who wrote that has no idea what my phone can do. Whomever said that didn’t do my phone enough justice.

I’m professing my love to you. I suppose you aren’t appreciated as much as you should. I have no idea how I could survive without you, honestly. This is not some kind of first love or real love bullshit. Not some childish thinking or view of love. I know better than to define our relationship. There are few things that I love and even fewer that I care about. You happened to be amongst them both.

I used to know some one who did love their phone more than anything. And I thought, well that’s overrated. I thought so since the said person loved their phone more than their lives. I slowly became that person but my life is higher in the food chain than my phone, obviously.

our love is two way or at least I think that way. You have never let me down and that’s my que that you actually love me. Actions speak louder than words. So they said.

You are my alarm in the morning and you stay with me on my sleepless nights. The nights that I feel like I’m losing it, you keep me sane. It’s my duty to keep you safe. So I ensure you are well taken care of. Always with enough charge, bundles and everything You need to stay happy. Or is it, everything you need to keep me happy? Hard to decide you know. 

You are there for me in awkward situations. You keep me at ease over uncomfortable situations. You are always there just when I need you. All I have to do is reach out and everything becomes okay. You feel up awkward situations and noisy places. Especially when I’m in company of people who make me wanna cat my head off, look who comes to rescue? Of course the love I didn’t know I had, my phone. My Knight in shinning armour. Replace armour with internet and ebooks.

You hold three of my most important things. You have my books, my music and the internet. Not in the order of importance of course. Those three are equally important or at least as equal as this can get.

You are my connection to the world. Especially lately when outside is so peopley (Crowded with humanoids who make me wanna just die). I stole that humanoid thing from Lilith Cas. Please don’t kill me for that demoness.

You hold my diary, notes, post it, and you are my album. My memories in pictures all stored in that icon you call gallery.

And I love the fact that I’m the one in control in this relationship. Plus I get most of the benefits. All I do is take, take, take, and take while I give less. And people think love is hard work. Love is the easiest of all. Look at us? By us I mean me and my phone. If this ain’t love, I don’t know what is. Don’t you think so?

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