1.I wore red and black lipsticks with equal confidence. You wanted someone who did pink lipstick and never stopped smiling. My lipstick shade always projected my mood. You never took your time to know this.

2. I was a combination of a hurricane and tornadoe. Looks like you could only handle a little rain and a little breeze.

3. I was made of sarcasm, coffee and everything in between. You wanted someone made of sugar, spice and everything sweet.

4. I rocked my high heels and plain skirt with the same attitude I did rugged jeans and sneekers. You wanted someone who did girly stuffs. You said I suffered from identity issues. I didn’t correct you.

5.I was the girl who did her whiskey straight from the bottle and sometimes didn’t drink at all. You wanted someone who did red wine in a glass(like a Lady).

6. I was an ambivient, an extroverted introvert. You wanted an introvert or extrovert. The combination of both worlds got your head twisted. You couldn’t understand how I thrived in public and sometimes I just wanted to be left alone.

7. I was a morning person. You wanted someone who could stay up all night and sleep through the morning with you.

8.I was obsessed with stray cats. I would spend the whole day watching cats doing cute things in the Internet. You wanted someone who could actually take care of a pet. We both knew that kind of nurturing was not wired in my DNA.

9. I was selfish. You wanted someone selfless. Someone who could take care of you. Someone like mommy. Let’s be honest,  if I had a stone for a pet it would definetly die even though stones are not living things. It would die as dead as stones can get.

10. I wouldn’t cook a meal. Well,I said wouldn’t not couldn’t. I could but I just hate cooking. You wanted someone who didn’t complain every ten seconds while chopping onions or tomatoes or even boiling water. A real woman, you termed her.

11. I wore my heart on my sleeve. I was never into hide and seek. I said straight up what I wanted. You wanted someone you could chase. Someone you could convince to do as you wanted. We didn’t work because I took that away from you. I was easy, I was either in or out. All you had to do is ask.

12. I was indecisive in day to day choices. Exception of how and when I needed my coffee.(in the morning and black). You wanted someone who could decide on what they wanted to eat or how they wanted to spend the evening. You see I never think that far ahead, and I don’t like choices. You said I was a typical girl. I didn’t correct you. I had no idea who I was.

13. I was never one to support everything. I gave my opinions when you asked and never meddled where I was not needed. You wanted a cheerleader, a ego masseuse and a heavens knows what other super powers the girl you wanted had to have.

14. I didn’t know why the caged bird sang. And I have no idea what that Brooklyn bridge in NY is called. Well it’s Brooklyn bridge but I Just didn’t care. You wanted someone who cared about such.

15. I was  afraid of the dynamics of change. You wanted someone who could stay the same today,tomorrow and days to come.

16. I was bubbly. I could go on a rant over the most stupid thing. You wanted someone with a filter. Someone who didn’t have to tell you everything that came into their mind.

17. I was reckless and rake in such of danger and tasted like revolution. You wanted responsible

18. I was a feminist and you were a chauvinist. We were like a mixture of oil and water. Nothing could make us mix, not Even heat.

19. I was never in time. You wanted a girl Who could keep time. Someone time conscious. I was always fashionably late.

20. I told him I wanted to write books that will blow minds. A book that will speak the language of souls. He laughed. The kind that made my skin crawl.

It’s okay we didn’t work. It’s okay you walked away when you did.
In all honesty I can’t love cooking and I can’t even force myself to make decisions. Leave alone stop being so fashionably late.

When I asked heavens for a flawed person, that was not the wrapping was hoping my gift (soulmate) to show up lookin like.

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