Letting Things Die (I’m getting Better)


I’m getting better at letting things die. I’m getting better at letting people go.

Every month I go through my phone and delete texts messages and back space some numbers. I don’t want to store things that love doesn’t live in any more. I now know that there will always be new numbers to add and new messages to make me smile. Let’s get rid of the old, shall we?

Every once in a while I unfollow people in social media. There will always be new people who matter, there’s no point hanging on to places where love left. There’s no point seeing them doing well without you.

Every once in a month I declutter. Everything that reminds me of the love lost or those who walked away. I wash the clothes, perfume and put them in a plastic bag and throw them away. I appreciate the free space they leave behind. Its spotless and clean.

Every once in three months I get rid of the wine bottles. Every bottle has a story, either a sad one or a celebration. The free space they leave creates room to make more memories. It always feels Like a new beginning. Those bottles goes with all those who were here and are not anymore. There part in my story is complete just Like those empty wine bottles.

I’m getting better at letting things die. But even the dead have a grave as a reminder that they were once here. So all those who are dead to me are also well tuck somewhere in a memory box under my bed. That’s where I bury all those who walked away.

I don’t regret making them matter, neither do I regret killing them either.
They come and go and the sun will rise from the east, the stars Will shine and the full moon will come just in time for the wolves to howl. Everything remains the same even when I’m burying them.

Inspired by stray cats.


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