I Just Discovered That Size Is Just A Word


You are not your size. You are not your looks. Why would you let this things define you? It shouldn’t even be a thing. So they have labelled all those who ain’t size zero plus size? Who is coming up with all this labels in the first place? Who cares about what size you are?unless it’s your doctor then don’t listen to them. The only person who should be concerned about your size is your doctor. Look on the brighter side  doctors romantize body size; obese, anoxeric, overweight, underweight and God knows what else they were taught in medical school. Have you seen size zero or plus size anywhere?

Why are people so obsessed about such mundane things like body size? This is the zillionth time I’m asking this question. I doubt I will ever get a straight answer? What if I don’t fit in your standard size? Well,we all can’t be whatever size is trending, can we? Please take the ideal body size to the bank and let me eat my cakes meanwhile.

You are not your body size or your looks. You are not to be defined by your body image. You are the places you have been. You are the hearts you broke. You are the lovers you had. You are made of those who broke your heart. You are the books you read. You are friends you keep. You are your family. You are the music you listen to. You are the magazines you read.

You are made of your talents. You are made of the last bottle of whiskey you drank. You are the walks you take. You are the rivers you crossed. You are the Bridges you burnt. You are the oceans you crossed.

You are an entire universe. You are made of darkness and light. You are both shooting stars and meteorites. You wear light and darkness with an equal grace.

You are both the moon and the stars. You are both the story in the big bang theory and a descendant of Adam from the Bible. You are made of dust and flesh. You came from nothing and from the borrowed rib. You were deceived by Satan and you deceived Adam. You are superhuman and super girl has nothing on you. You are a member of a witch coven (your girlfriends) and a member of your church choir.

You cannot be defined by just your body size. Don’t let them. Don’t make a big deal about it. You are most things but your body size.

Inspired by stray cats.


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