An Open Letter To My Ex Best friend (best thing that Ever happened to me)


I have been intending to write to you for a while. I guess I was scared that if I put it in words it will actually be my reality. But who are we kidding, it’s already a reality.

You once said that, “you can’t keep safe what’s meant to break”. Apparently you were right, I just DIDNT realize it would happen to us.

You were my forever and I thought I couldn’t live without you. Once upon a time I couldn’t go a day without seeing your face. Now we can go for months without saying hello.

I Cherish all the memories we made and just so you know,no one knows me as well as you do. You kept saying that I’m fake and do pretty dramatic. You were right on that, but you have seen me cry. And that my dear was genuine.

Today I’m down with homa(cold).I remember how you used to make me tea and make sure I stay warm and hydrated on such days. We would watch a series till I fall asleep.

I haven’t forgotten how you did put up with me when I was being a Bitch. You would say ” I can see somebody just laid an egg and her body is probably attacking her”. You did put up with my bitchiness from one moon to the next. This days I get by alone and it sucks.

How you hated my sense of fashion, or lack of for that matter. You would refuse to be seen with me in public lookin all homeless. My hair was a constant disaster that you hated and I just didn’t care. Let’s not even start with how the state of my room used to make you want to cut your head off. And you loved me anyway.

I feel terrible for all those girls you broke up with because of me. How I would stop talking to you because you broke up with I don’t know girlfriend number what. I couldn’t keep tabs since none stayed long enough for me to get acquainted with. But there was that one girl you really loved, her name started with P I guess. I hope someday you will master the courage to tell her how you really feel.

You are the only person I I know who knows what songs to sing along to and what songs to just put on repeat and just chill. You even know the Right series for what mood. Hell, you mastered the art of knowing when to speak and when not to. I haven’t met another like you so far.

All the plans we made for the future. We were to finish school,you get a teaching job then I would move in and watch “Spongebob” or whatever TV show, until I figured out what I really wanted in life. I met you the other day and you asked if I still wanted to move in. I lied that I had a plan. I kind of still want that offer but I just can’t admit.

There were times when our names were synonymous. We were inseparable. Remember that one time we attended my lectures together. Because we just wanted to hangout and you were dating and I had crazy hours. My classmates still think you are my boyfriend. Hilarious, don’t you think?

I miss how we spent our Valentine’s. Every year you got me a red PK and I got you nothing. We would watch a movie and ignore all those love struck fuckers around. I got through Valentine’s without you this year. What were you doing? I don’t know. And now we will never know.

Whatever thing that ruined us can’t be fixed. We both have tried but it’s like something really broke. We didn’t even fight or anything. Something happened, I have no idea what that thing is but apparently we can’t be fixed.

The other day you came by my House. We talked things over and we ended up realizing that we are never going to be in the same page. We don’t watch the same shows any more, we don’t listen to the same type of music, you ditched reading books, you love eggs this days (remember When we both thought that eggs were lame?). Placed in the same room together we will definitely have nothing to talk about.

I’m surprised that your phone is password protected. And I was not allowed to check anything other than play games. How did we get here? Once upon a time I knew every tiny Little bit about you, now I can’t even say more than just your name.

Someday if I meet another Like you,I will definetly take it to the altar. I can’t tell you this but at least I can tell the Internet about you. I miss how we were, but I doubt we can ever be that again. Maybe in the next life.

Inspired by stray cats.


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