Things You Should Stop Doing to Waiters (I noticed from waiting tables)

1. Stop ordering a single thing then another then another. For example, you order tea then when it’s brought you think its a good idea to ask for sausages. After your order is brought you ask for a glass of water then ask for chapati. Please take your time to decide on what you want and place your order once and for all. If you have second thoughts,twice is enough.

2. Stop dropping foods on the table, there’s a reason why there’s a saucer somewhere on that table. In case you didn’t know, that saucer is for placing your wastes nicely. I know they get paid to clean up after you, but how about you use common sense and make their lives easy.

3. Stop being an asshole and talk to them politely. If they have done something wrong,ask them nicely and believe me you will enjoy your meal. Remember that they are also human, and man is to err. If you are having a bad day,don’t ruin someone’s day too. In case you didn’t know, they have feelings too.

4. There’s an unwritten rule somewhere that you should order your food within three minutes of your arrival. If you don’t know what you want, just ask for the chef’s special. It will never disappoint you. And if you didn’t know,its not written in the menu either. Don’t make them stand for more than ten minutes waiting for you to make up your mind.

5. Don’t leave used toothpick on the table. It’s already bad enough that they are cleaning after you. Adding your saliva makes it worse. If you didn’t know,there’s a dust bucket on your way out in every Hotel. And that’s where you dumb your used toothpick dum dum.

6. Don’t sics them like a dog. They kind of have a name and the least you could do is use it. They all have name tags. Instead of siccing them, how about you just wave your hand and you will be attended to.

They are simple etiquette. Just in case your your momma didn’t teach you. I’m humbled to be of help. Now you know .

Inspired by stray cats.


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