It’s On Wednesday That I Need You Most


I need you on Wednesdays the most.  It’s that day of the week that I doubt myself the most.  I don’t like medians or middles or anything that has mid on it.  I don’t know if I should be excited that Friday is almost here or go on being grumpy since Monday was also here a few days ago.  I need you the most when I’m not sure of myself.

I need you on Wednesday because I still have no idea why we spell Wednesday with a d. And if you are by my side right now I wouldn’t be wondering about such. You would have given me a stupid explanation, stupid but it will do till next time.

I need you on Wednesday the most. It’s not a lazy day and we can’t stay in bed all day while you make me pancakes. But I can beg you to make me pancakes and you will turn me down because we are both running late since somebody “forgot” to set the alarm.

I need you on Wednesday morning because it’s Wednesday. And if it’s you I need on Wednesday that means I need you everyday. Every fucking day of my miserable life.  Wednesday ain’t a special day and maybe that’s why I need you the most.

Inspired by stray cats.


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