The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me Was Deciding To Leave


I started ignoring my roommates and I’m actually feeling good, a week down the line and freedom tastes so good. The euphoria is blinding. It’s freedom because our relationship was really toxic.

I’m not speaking to my roommates and I’m loving it.

We have been in this situation before.  We have had our horrible share of fights before. We always find a way to work things out. Usually our fights involve little things like who clogged the sink to why didnt someone wash utensils and a million other petty things. It’s not a walk in the park living with someone who ain’t family and surviving more than a semester ain’t easy either.

I analyzed my relationship with my roommates and I realised how toxic we were for each other. I always knew our relationship was far from healthy but after close scrutiny, our relationship makes toxic look good. We are worse than toxic.

Then one day I was going through my 2016 new year resolutions and one of them was to get rid of toxic relationships. Where is the best place to start than home? After all charity begins at home. 

The depth of my toxic relationship with my roommates is unimaginable. In too deep. Lemme give you the big picture. 

Everyone does whatever they want just because they can. We go from not talking to each other to completely ignoring each other to hanging out everyday. Yes. That’s typical in any close relationship. Ours is not the usual ups and down of other relationships, I suppose.

There was a day someone broke the door just because they were angry and they could do that. Once someone slept outside just because they came in late anf forgot to carry their key, no one bothered to open the door for them despite the fact that they knocked for 30 minutes straight. I can’t count the number of times someone has slept Hungry and no one informed them about dinner. I lost count of the number of times people were “broke” so that they couldn’t contribute on our daily use. Let’s not even start on how mean we are to each other.  And all the other things that happened behind closed doors, things I’m not supposed to write about.

None of things we do consciously or unconsciously to each other ever did anything to make us better. We are more damaged right now that we ever were before.

The moment I “walked away” from all them I started seeing things so clearly. It was like breathing after being under water for sometime, my lungs are just grateful.

It wasn’t that hard getting rid of them. I started saying NO more often. And I liked it. I stopped explaining why I did whatever I did as long as it didnt directly interfere with their lives. Then one day I woke up and decided to actually not talk to them. There was no big fight and words were not exchanged or anything. I just stopped.

I’m not speaking to my roommates and I’m loving it.

Did I mention how much I like it here? And after saying “goodbye” to my longest and most toxic relationship it’s time to clean House. I hope it won’t be dramatic, how I wish we all could have such smooth endings to everything that’s negative.

Just another rumble.


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