For My Best Friend, it Will Be Okay


Was it a girl?
Was it a boy?
Were they twins?(a set of girls or boys)
We will never know.
Your heart was and is broken.
Will the bleeding ever stop?
Darkness took over your life.
You stay awake all night slaying unending demons,it’s like the more you fight your demons the more they multiply
The only thing Deities saw fit for you to have is tiny bits of blood lumps.
The doctor said nothing can be done to save your unborn child.
He said maybe you could try again after a while.
He said it happens a lot to women and that not all pregnancies get to term.
Nothing about it felt normal,it didn’t feel like a daily occurrence.
Is that even possible?
How pathetic can you be that your body can’t keep a foetus alive.
A cosmic joke after all you have invested and worked hard just so you could have a chance with this baby.
Are you strong enough to want to try again?
Don’t be afraid, it’s gonna be alright. It will be okay.

Just another rumble.


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