My Unhealthy Food Choices is Reflecting On My Skin

I did a research on driver’s of food choices among university students. The feedback was unexpected. You will be surprised what drives people to eat what they eat. Then I did on personal reflection and I was shocked.

Sometime back I met someone and this is how the conversation unfolded. A total stranger, I must say.

Mr. K: Do you smoke?
Me: what? Why are you asking?
Mr. K: you drink a lot I suppose?
Me: where is all this coming from?
Mr. K: nothing, your skin looks odd
Me: blame it on my parents or genetics or whatever. It has nothing to do with my life choices.

If you noticed, I was defensive the entire conversation. Do I smoke? Sometimes. I can count with one hand the number of times I have smoked. Do I drink? Apparently you need a little wine for sanity when adulting. So, yes.

On personal reflection and everything in between I guess I know my food choices are horrible. I drink water on days I feel like and I rarely work out,hell I don’t work out.

When is the last time I did have a healthy meal? It’s definetly not today. I think its somewhere around the weekend at a friends place. And that ka meal was after a series of junk,we were so junkified that we decided to get something substantial. So we decided to cook a decent meal, guess what we cooked?  Potatoes and peas. Well,that’s as healthy as healthy can get. Did we leave the house? Of course not. It was a lazy weekend. And actually we didnt even cook that said meal, some kids were around so we asked them to fix us something.

Today I witnessed someone make one healthy food choice and I’m sure I had a panic attack. The food was as balanced as I recommend my clients to consume; a vegetable, glass of milk and a carbohydrates. What did I have? Pilau and soda. Did you know I’m a Dietetics student?

Then in the evening I was in some community something something and we were offered something to eat. I took another soda. On my way home I bought some supper, it was definetly cupcakes. On my defense I was really tired and cooking is and was the last thing I wanted to deal with. Cakes and tea for me. Easy, don’t you think?

Do I know how to plan a healthy meal? Of course I do. I do that for people,sometimes for free, especially on my good days. Can I cook? Yes, though I kind of hate it. Do I know what are the consequences of my unhealthy food choices? Yes, apparently I’m a trained dietician. Who knew?

I’m made of a series of bad choices and now it’s reflecting on my skin, soon maybe my hair will follow and if this goes on……


P.S. adulting is not a real word. I made it up. It’s been used to mean whatever you want it to mean.
P. S. I still hate cooking.
P. P. S. I wrote this a few weeks ago. My choices are still as bad anyway.

Just another rumble.


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