Breaking Up With You Was For The Best


Dear make up,

I’m glad our relationships ended when it did. I feel freerer now that I don’t have you in my life. My dressing table is less crowded this days. I’m sure it’s silently rejoicing for being relieved the duty of dealing with you.

Our relationship was toxic. You made me believe that I wouldn’t last out there without you. You made me feel like I needed you to survive. I became your slave and this time chains the latch was all in my head.

I stayed with you through it all. I stayed even when my skin reacted to some of your products. I stayed even when lipstick started ruining my lips. I stayed even when my lips started blackening. I stayed even when eyeliners wouldn’t let me rub my eyes. I stayed even after you made me take that painful trip to the dermatologist after one of your product ruined my skin. Did you know I spent money and time on that occasion?

You made me leave my bed earlier than need be because I needed extra time to incorporate you in my morning routine. The process from foundation to lipstick was not a one minute kind of thing.
As if that wasn’t enough I had to deal with washing you off every other evening. (I thought dealing with the bra was already bad enough).

I spent my hard earned cash on you. Invested my limited time on you and as if that wasn’t enough, I got addicted to you. Staying with you finally made me understand why people stay in abusive relationships. 

You weren’t all horrible though. Our relationship wasn’t all thorns, it came with some roses. Especially red lipstick. It magically became the answer to everything. Having a bad day? Get some red lipstick. Feeling tired? Get some red lipstick. Dark eye circles? How about some red lipstick. Feeling flirty? Let’s get some red please. There’s basically nothing red lipstick wouldn’t fix. My mom taught me this though, and after growing up I found out she was right. Of course my mom was right. Instead of therapy maybe people should just use red lipstick.

I wouldn’t forget all those times you made my face look bright even when I was feeling like shit. I wouldn’t forget how you made my plastic smile believable on bad days. A big thank you

Like every other good thing from cocaine, marijuana, alcohol etc. You were bad for me. Horrible for my skin. And worse for my time(not like I’m usually time conscious though). My finances probably had it worse.

How could any sane person have; more than 10 shades of lipstick, foundation, compartment powder (more than one) several eye shadows, uncountable eye pencils, several eye liners, some blushers and some lip gloss. That was obviously witchcraft! You had bewitched me into loving you. Sometimes I be walking around town innocently then I spot a cosmetic shop and accidentally slip into the shop and buy some lipstick. Witchcraft is real Oga!

I didn’t know I was suffocating until I breathed some air and choose to walk away. No more oils, soaps and cleanser to deal with every evening. My bathroom window is less crowded now. It only holds my shampoo and soap this days. I don’t have to take a lot of time to prepare before leaving the house. And my dressing table is actually on vacation!

Sincerely Riri

Just another rumble.


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