If I could do one thing, I would tell my younger self to become everything but not the IDGAF kind of girl. If I could time travel I would have encourage her to become everything except the IDGAF kind of girl.

I don’t hate who I have become, it’s quite the opposite. I admire this girl. I look in the mirror and I like what I see. I even look good in a broken mirror.

One of my superpowers is not giving a fuck. Not in the not caring, insensitive kind of way. Of course I care, I care about my morning coffee, a lot. I can’t leave the house before sipping the heavenly juice. I’m least productive without my caffeine with tendency of stabbing people and slapping idiots. It’s Right there, I care!

I admire the girl who let’s go with a click. Haven’t met no one who moves on better than I do. I don’t get stuck on stupid. If nothing is working it, it’s time to pack up and leave.

So my article was rejected by that magazine? The editor thinks it was substandard. Okay. I Will write another piece or stop writing for them. It’s never that serious.

So someone cancelled plans? Great. I will just make other plans or something. It’s not the end of the world. I will just find something else to do.

So, some human is making my life miserable. Why not walk away? Thanks for the memories BTW. I’m not that selfish though, I have the decency to let them walk away. I learnt the art of sabotaging long time ago. You don’t need to be evil to make them want to leave you. Not like I’m going to give away my secret of how to make them leave, not today anyway.

I admire my honesty. You ask for my opinion, you get my opinion. Not the projection of your thoughts. I don’t give opinions where I’m not asked, unless it’s social Media. I have a lot to say there. Actually, more than a lot.

My candidacy has scared away Potential future husbands, potential friends, potential lovers, partners. It’s not my fault people hate the truth. And it’s not my fault they love sugarcoated everything.  Don’t y’all know that diabetes is real?

Just another rumble.


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