Hold On

Those days that you feel like giving up, all hope is gone. You don’t think you are strong enough to carry on. 

You want to drop everything and go on a road trip. Chase the sun or the stars, or the moon.

Or you just wanna disappear. Have a blackout and just be left alone.

You have lost the reason to carry on. The pillar that kept you grounded was carried away by the winds.

You can’t breathe anymore, the air is poisoned or is it your lungs that you don’t trust anymore?  All the hope that comes with a new day has been taken away.

Those days you wanna curl up in bed and eat all the junk in the world. You are so close to breaking down, you feel it in your bones. You just wanna sulk and cry.

Those dark days you hate so much. The days you loose the zeal to try, see another day or even breathe.

The days you dread the lights that come with dawn. And dusk doesn’t look promising either. You hate the nights the most.

But you take the leap of faith. You apply lipstick, apply your make up, drink some coffee, have your heels on and you get through the day.

You drink your tea in the evening and unwind the days struggle. You try to sleep again. You get by, you don’t stop fighting. You don’t give in to the hopelessness of what your life has become.

You learnt a longtime ago that such dark days are inevitable and you know no matter how dark gets, or how hopeless everything is there’s always a promise of better days. There’s always a reason to hold on, a reason to fight one more day. One step at a time is the secret. One day at a time. One minute at a time.

Just another rumble.


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