I Wish I Could Tell You Why I Have That Many Piercing

I wish I could tell you why I have that many piercings on my ears. I wish I could tell you what every earring  mean or if they have no meaning at all. Like you noticed they are not uniform (you pointed that out yourself). And I didn’t get them at the same time, I told you that though.  But you will probably call me crazy if i dare speak whats on my mind. Like I have been called before, more than once actually.

“I learnt long ago the art of silence and shutting my mouth, lest I talk too much and….. “

I wish I could tell you why I removed some of the earring and left it to scar. And why I have a scar on my belly. You asked me about that particular scar, I told you it’s a badge of honour. Yes, I wear that scar with honour but I can’t tell you my hero story. It’s not an easy story. I wish I could tell you the stories of all the places I scarred, both intentionally and some, some are just that, stories.

I wish I could tell you what I see in the mirror every morning. I wish I could tell you about her, the girl who stares right back at me.  I wish I could tell you how became this girl. And if I even like her or just despise her or even if when I look in the mirror I see her or just a version of her I want to see. I wish I could tell you this things.

I wish I could tell what every other book have read meant. About those stories that stay with us forever. They say, “some stories are forever and some stay with us forever”. And why I would pick reading over going out.

I wish I could talk about me as easily as you talk about yourself. But all I have is the internet, the Internet to tell about my wishes and dreams.

For the sake of us both, just believe me when I say, “I’m just a girl”. Don’t try reading too much in anything that I’m saying or not saying. Because really, we are all pretty the same but we like to think of ourselves as distinct. And remember, “ all the lies I have told or will tell are the lies that I live and you too should live them too.  It’s called caring.”
That sounds pretty twisted, I know, but ain’t we all a little bit twisted?

Just another rumble.


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