This Is Why I Know You Won’t Choose Me

It’s not my fault that you would rather stay average than try hard to be better.

I know you won’t choose me because my dreams scare you. I’m not apologizing for that, I won’t even pretend that I’m sorry for having those dreams to start with. My mother didn’t raise me with the spirit and bones of my ancestors just so I could make someone stay. Its okay if you take your leave.

I know you won’t choose me because you like mediocre. The fact that I’m obsessed with fine things make you feel insecure. You don’t want to be great, you want to be average. You want the life your parents lived. You don’t want to be better. Its not my fault you want everything average.

I know you won’t choose me because you can’t afford to spend that much on a woman. You are insecure prick who believes that if you spend so much on a woman, one day she will leave you. I still want a beach house, I’m still obsessed with penthouses and Darling, I ain’t saying I do without Paris in the menu. You can keep the diamonds, just propose in Paris, with words only if you must. But that’s too much for someone like you, and this is why you won’t choose me.

I know you won’t choose me because I don’t perform in your circus. And you hate it when I call you on your bullshit. I don’t know how to massage egos. I don’t know how to give shit a blind eye. No one likes the truth, and everyone hates it the most when it’s served straight up. I can’t learn to be less candid and I doubt you will learn to like my candidacy. This way my love, its okay if you don’t choose me.

You won’t choose me because I love heels. I don’t know why it bothers you when am a lil taller. Dear, I can’t wear flats always. I like what heels do to my ass. And it feels good kicking ass While you are on heels. I can’t stop rocking those inches just because it intimidates you.

You won’t choose me because you think I’m a spoilt brat. I’m not spoilt though, a brat maybe. But let’s take a moment and educate you; just because I can’t cook for you it doesn’t automatically make me a brat. And just because I don’t clean after your sorry lazy ass it doesn’t qualify for spoilt. Just because I don’t let you pick the tab every time we eat out doesn’t make me a spoilt brat. That my dear makes me responsible and that I have more to offer than cleaning and bleeding. I can’t stop the bleeding though. But your kind of stupid won’t let you see that, eventually you will choose someone who cleans, cooks and bleeds. I won’t blame you though.

In the end you will choose a weak little bird that won’t make you want to work hard. The one who appreciates you even when you walk home empty handed. The one who will put up with your sport pesa relationship. The one who will put up with your drinking habits. The one who will love you and never question anything. The one who will make you feel superior even in your mediocrity. The one who will consider you a hero for being horrible. The weak bird that let’s you excel in being you, average.

Just another rumble.


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