How cliché of me to call you a hurricane, a turbulent ocean, and a dimming flame. Forgive me for writing about you this way, for the mask I wear in poetry are the words I long to erase. I haven’t told you, not once being brave enough to spill my art into your life in hopes you would stay. Let me put it this way, remove all metaphors. Strip you of the titles of hurricanes, oceans, and flames.

My love, I love you and now that you’ve left everything has changed and that is why you’re a hurricane, the raging ocean waves, and a flickering flame. I can’t quite forget your presence even long after you’ve gone. I can’t forget you, for the wreckage you stuck me with has only left me nostalgic for a love like yours gone lost.

Consider this my message in a bottle, hoping to ride the waves of your chaos once more with dreams of settling on shore. No matter how much I try, I still search for you… Calling for you to come back to me like two lovers lost at sea. You were once my everything, now nothing. You are the remains of memories, metaphors, and clichés. I can’t recover from the wreckage, my love too deep and rooted. This is my message for you, please carry it safely from the sea and back into your arms.

I long to taste your chaos once more.

By Sara McKown Poetry

Just another rumble.


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