Rebranding, Finally Found our Niche


This past few months my blog has been struggling with identity issues. When I started I didn’t know where to specialize. I didn’t have a brand. I wrote personal stories, poems and just anything that came to mind. I’m sure my audience were confused. Thank God I finally found my way.

I want to use this platform to inspire people to take charge of their health rather than playing spectators in this particular part of their life.

I’m going to walk you towards a healthy lifestyle with better food choices and cooking methods that reduces nutrient loss.

I will walk you through effective and easy meal planning secrets that will give you a chance to eat healthy and still work hard. For the career women, I guess this particular part will be a gem to you.

We will walk through contemporary issues like Fad diets on all sorts of lifestyle diseases, use of supplements and how to differentiate science and mare hearsay. (When it’s science, it’s real)

We will cover fun ways of eating healthy. Who said good nutrition is boring? I will show you how eating right could be fun.

Ask questions if you like.

I hope to cover all your areas of interest.

PS. Lishe bora is Swahili for Good Nutrition.

PSS. For my other readers, once in a while I will drop a poem or two, here and there. You are not completely forgotten.

Nutrition is a balanced diet!


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