Milk And Meat Together Is Bad For You

Milk contains calcium(as the major micro nutrient) and Meats contains iron(as the major micro nutrient).
The basic problem of combining this two micro nutrients reduces the absorption of both nutrients by over 50%.

In Africa, where our major source of calcium is milk, it’s better not to be in a habit of taking milk with meats. In the long run it might lead to calcium deficiency, and we don’t want that now, do we?

We also avoiding iron deficiency, because my dear, anaemia ain’t pretty. And iron supplements taste like rust. You don’t want to be on them supplements

And I’m not saying skip your milk because of your meats. You can do your milk one hour later(after meals). That way, the two nutrients won’t interact, and bingo! We have a winner.

You might be asking your self, what about breakfast, what do I do with (sausages, smokies, hotdogs, Bacon etc). Should I drop the meats or do I drop the milk?….. Hold your horses, you dropping none. You could use other sources of proteins like eggs, green grams, cow peas and other plant sources instead of the meats. Have the meats for ten o’clock instead. Another option is to drink your milk at ten o’clock instead.

That’s a win win. Everybody is happy, by everybody I mean iron and calcium, in this case.


Just another rumble.


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