When They Say Heavy Breakfast, This Is What They Mean

A lot has been said about breakfast, mostly, they say it should be heavy. How heavy is heavy? What do they really mean by “Heavy Breakfast”.

Does it mean you chunk down lots of food . so much food that you can’t even breath.

Or is it just eggs? Usually when I ask people what they had for breakfast, on days they do. I get answers like, ” today I had a heavy breakfast, it was two eggs/smokies/hotdog/sausages,  bread and tea/coffee/chocolate/soya/milo”.  Yes, some assume that’s a heavy breakfast.

What we really mean by heavy breakfast is that it should be balanced. A balanced diet with all the major food groups; carbohydrates, proteins and fats. It should also have vegetables/fruits to cater for the minor nutrients; minerals and vitamins. Fiber is important but you need not worry about that if you do fresh fruits/vegetables/whole meal cereals.

So, what if I’m doing fortified cereals for breakfast? Can I skip on the fruits or vegetables? Of course not. The minerals and vitamins used for fortification are good, yes but them alone cannot cover your daily requirements.

Let’s do a simple combination of a healthy heavy breakfast here:
1. A slice Nduma/sweet potatoes(carbohydrates and fiber), a glass of milk(proteins, fats and calcium), a slice of fruit(minerals, vitamins and fiber).

(Side note)You can make the milk interesting by adding a beverage e.g coffee, chocolate, milo, tea leaves or whatever creativity comes to mind.

2. Whole meal Bread(carbohydrates and fiber), fried eggs(proteins, fats and some minerals), piece of fruit or vegetables (use veges to make sandwich) and whatever beverage suits you.

3. Leftovers from dinner like ugali, kales and omena washed down with tea or rice, beans, tea and a fruit.

We can do this all day, remember, the food should be balanced. And that my dear, is what we call a heavy breakfast. Don’t be fooled again. Just because you feel full it doesn’t make it heavy, unless, it’s balanced.

A good breakfast is the best way to start the day. We will talk about importance of breakfast next time, ladies and gentlemen.

Until next time, friends!

Just another rumble.


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