Benefits of Chlorophyll and sources


Did you know that chlorophyll(the green pigment that gives plans the green colour) has more benefits that just to help plants absorb light and produce food, the process known as photosynthesis. If you remember your science, you definetly know this.

Research has shown that chlorophyll has benefits to the human body.

6 Benefits of chlorophyll
1. Acts as an internal deodorant; what do we mean by internal deodorant? This means that chlorophyll helps absorb body odour and leaves you fresh all day long. It absorbs toxins, normal body odours, acts as the purifier of the human body or should we use cleansing agent?

2. Enhances satiety; This means that chlorophyll can make you feel full for long. Research has shown that chlorophyll contains compounds that brings about the satiety effect and this could mean that we can use chlorophyll in weight management.

3. It’s a blood builder; chlorophyll swaps the magnesium for the iron in blood. This way, it makes iron more bioavailability/readily available for the body to use.

4.  Protects DNA Against Fried Foods;
Fried foods aren’t just bad for your waistline, they also contain chemicals known to damage colon tissue and the DNA of colon cells. Research has shown that chlorophyll is a protective food and it has shown to reduce colon DNA damage on people consuming high fat diet. Be warned, don’t go on a fat binge eating and use chlorophyll, just because I said so. its best to just cut down on the fats, altogether.

5. Its an antioxidant: this particular property is protective by nature. It protects body cells from destruction by free radicals in the body.

6. Helps in Wound Healing: when chlorophyll is sprayed on the wound, it speeds up the rate of healing. If you know anything about herbs, usually, they use green leafy plants on the wound. The science is on the chlorophyll, it contains compounds that help in the healing process of wounds.

Sources of Chlorophyll
a) All green leafy vegetables: spinach, kales, nightshade (managu), pigweed(terere), isaga, kunde, murenda, green broccoli

b) Other plant products: peas, asparagus, green grams(ndengu), French beans etc

c)Supplements: we have liquid chlorophyll and tablets for the same. There’s no dose for chlorophyll, so discuss with your doctor on the dose

Liquid chlorophyll supplement

Aside: I’m not big on supplements, I prefer the diet therapy. Its pretty simple, just incorporated the green vegetables in your diet. Be careful in preparation, don’t overcook your vegetables, preserve the chlorophyll, and you don’t need to use the supplements. Let’s just eat our vegetables fresh and well cooked, Bingo! We have a winner, in this case it’s chlorophyll.

If you have experienced any benefits with chlorophyll, please share with us in the comments.

If you didn’t know about this benefits, stay informed and consume green vegetables.

PS. If you want to loose weight, don’t start on chlorophyll supplements without consulting with a doctor/nutritionist first. We don’t want another Genesis of a fad diet now, do we? The internet is a beautiful place, anything could happen.

Just another rumble.


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