The One Who Sticks Like A Tick

“The worst thing than the one who got away is the one who sticks around like a tick”


I have had my fair share of the one’s who got away. Some were decent enough to say goodbye but the rest, the rest just disappeared. The millennial call it “ghosting”.  I guess it has happened to me so many times that I’m actually surprised when one decides to stay. The type of relationship I had with them was insignificant, they left, anyway. some were platonic, some romance, others friendship based on cheap alcohol on Friday night and others were just acquittance.  People are just that, they are bound to leave, anyway, my history suggests.

I used to think that I have had it worse, that people leave me. That no one sticks around long enough to get to see me through the good, bad, ugly and the uncomfortable. I am so used to being left that I don’t bother opening and closing doors in my life anymore, I just leave it open, let the traffic flow as it pleases.

The other day one of my close friends, who hasn’t left yet, obviously,  found herself in a situation of the one who sticks. I swear, I have had it easy. All I have to deal with, with the one’s who get away, is clean house. Just that. I don’t know what I would do If I had to play house with the one I want out of my life.

You tell them you don’t feel the same anymore but they are willing to stay, the one’s who stick, I mean. You push them away with every weapon at your disposal, they don’t go. You even start seeing other people, boy, they ain’t badging. You even try the infamous ghosting, and somehow, they still find you. They don’t mind loving you even though you don’t love them. They don’t mind being sloppy second or third or fifth, as long as you giving them a piece of your life, insignificant as it may be.

If that’s not psychotic, sticking around anyway, I don’t know what is. Maybe, I actually I think I do, psychotic is wanting to marry the one who wants you dead, my therapist would say. (I have a therapist, expensive, I know). What do you do with someone who doesn’t want to leave you, in peace or pieces?

I’m wondering if involving the government is an extreme measure, get a restraining order or something. That’s allowed, right? I think leaving town is too much, even for love or hate or love and hate. I would recommend involving the government to help get rid of ticks, don’t you think? When we have a sudden infestation, the government gets involved, why not get the government involved now that we have found a tick in the midst of ghosts, don’t you think?

Do I sound insane? Anyway, it’s what I would do. How about you?


This Is Why You Should Stop Cooking Mchele Njeri


Mchele Njeri is that combo we sometimes do when we are too lazy to cook, a combo of rice and beans in one pot. How about that?

So, why is it a bad idea yet we say cereals and legumes are perfect.

Rice contains a compound called phytates(a complex compound) that binds with the iron in beans. This reduces the absorption of dietary iron, in the long run.

As much as the iron in beans is less bioavailable, the phytates in rice lowers absorption some more.

I’m not saying eating rice and beans is a problem, it’s actually healthy. Ensure you cook them separately, that’s my point.

PS. Sometimes the problem ain’t food choices but cooking method. Be careful how you prepare your food.

PS. The aim is to prepare food to obtain maximum nutrient, seeing that we are from Africa and Africa needs to be fed.

Until next time friends!

If You Let Me Love You


“I see the demons in your heart and the hell you live in, if you let me I will raise heaven in my heart for you..”

If you let me love you, I will give you all of me. I will walk barefoot through broken glass, if that means saving you. I will make a deal with the devil just so I can set your soul free. I will go to war for you, I will slay all those demons in the hell you live in. I will stay underwater with you. I will go to hell, fight the devil and come back with your soul. I will even swap my wrretched soul for yours.

If you let me love you, and your heart breaks, we can use mine for two. My heart will beat for you, and when you go, I will count the heartbeats till your return. I’m gonna love you like I’m gonna loose yoy, I’m gonna kiss you every time like it’s the last. I’m gonna call for heavens just to make you happy and if saving you means raising hell, I definetly will.

If you let me love you,  I’m gonna love you the only way I know how to love, give. I’m gonna give you everything you ask for and everything you don’t. I spell L.O.V.E =G.I.V.E. I will give and give and give, until my supplies run dry, and even then I will still give what’s left, when everything is over I will find a way to get something to give. I will give you everything that I was,everything that I’m, and everything that I will become. I will give you my past, my present and my future. I will lay down my life for you. I will share with you the very line of my existence, my blood.

If you let me love, our love will be conditional, all you have to do is let me in. Show me your demons, I have mine too. I fight them alone but sometimes we hangout and drink tea together. You don’t have to battle your demons alone, I’m here. You don’t have to live in that hell alone, not anymore. We could merge our demons, After all, two is better than one. I can take on the world with one hand as long as you are holding the other. If you let me, we will slay your demons together.