Love Never Felt This Good

The last time I felt this connection with anyone or anything was 2012, the year I fell in love with coffee. Before 2012 coffee was just a beverage like tea, milo etc etc. It was just something I had because it was an option. One day something switched, and baby, I was hooked. I fell in love, hard, with coffee.


I grew up in some small town somewhere in the rift. This days they call it ‘The City of Champions’. It probably has something to do with athletes or something. Campus didn’t provide anything special either, I was stuck in some remote place they call Njoro. Other than The Campus (Egerton), abso-fucking-lutely nothing went on there.

I woke up one day and packed my bags, showed up in the city with no plan, no fare back and of course no solid reason. I hoped I would hate the place,hunt down for my big brother and beg him to take me back home. Or even worse, I hoped I wouldn’t last a day here. So, I would have ended up calling everyone I know to do a harambee or some initiative of #takeRirihome. I had played several scenarios in my head, and none had involved me falling in love. But again, nothing ever goes according to plan.

I keep saying that I will go back home but chances of that happening is getting slimmer with each day that goes by. I like it here. I like the hassle, the crazy traffic and how the city is always on the move. It doesn’t stop, not even twilight. I like the way the city is always awake. I like the 24 hours yellow lights from my window (definetly not my house) but does it matter?

The city is so huge, makes me feel invisible. It’s the same feeling coffee gives me Every morning. And the infinite possibilities and opportunities around here turns me on, literally. What’s the worse that could happen? Failing. If that happens we can always go back home. It’s never that serious. 

I have been in love before but love never felt this good. I’m hooked. I want to lay on his chest (Nairobi) forever. It’s not a comfortable place, but who said I was looking for comfortable? My boyfriend is so good at being bad.



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