Run Away With Me


We both really hate people, we would rather hangout with animals than deal with stupid humans. Hell, computers are way better than people. You are a cat person, I’m whatever animal person, just not cats because they love attention as much as I do. Not like I hate them or anything….. . People are annoying, they talk back, capable of doing the unthinkable and not to be trusted. I think you should consider running away with me, to the land far away from here, we will built our own community (just us and a couple of animals). If this doesn’t sound like happy ending, I don’t know what is. Say the words babe, and we are out of here. Just say yes.

Run away with me, we could sail our lives away. We could go from coast to coast, ocean to ocean, sea to sea, lake to lake, island to island, anywhere the wind takes us. Let’s give ourselves to the ways of Waters. Let the wind, the tides and storm take us home, a land far away from humans. We could escape corruption, brainwashing, and heavens knows what other evil humanity is capable of, just say the words, we will be out of here.

Run away with me, we could try it out in the desert. It’s tough life, but again, at least we won’t be dealing with humans. It sounds like a fairy tale come true. Hold my hand, let’s get out of here.

Run away with me, we could go to the moon, there’s no coming back. Or we could try it out in Mars, I heard this time of the year is habitable. Or should we go to Neptune, I don’t know what’s there but one thing is for sure, no humans involved. Aliens? Maybe. Say yes, and we board the next rocket out of this god forsaken planet.

Run away with me, we could live like Gypsies. Town to town, village to village, country to country. It will be no fun, since we will have to deal with people but not the same people twice, if we choose to. Maybe while we are on the road we could find a place with tolerable humans. I have faith that somewhere in this cursed planet there’s a hidden community with actual humans, not the irritating people we have been dealing with all our lives!

Run away with me, let’s escape this rotten race called humans, this race that lack the decency of humanity, of their own very existence. Let’s escape everything they have come to represent; oppression, corruption, and all their rotten ways. Come with me babe, let’s go. Pack up your bags, don’t leave the shoes you love so much, it’s like the only thing humans have done right.


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