You Are My Wednesday Kind Of Love

You keep me sane, I will keep you safe”


There’s nothing special about Wednesday, it’s just a regular day of the week, Monday was just the other day and Friday will be here soon. If Wednesday was a color, it could be grey, without the shades, I suppose. Or Maybe it could be grey with the shades. In my short life haven’t had the same Wednesday twice, or maybe I have and forgot about it. I don’t know, it could be grey with the shades or no shades at all. This is how I see us sometimes, we are never black or white together, we are either colored or shades of grey.

You are my Wednesday kind of love. I can call you in the middle of the day to try dragging you into my over thinking trance; like wondering why they spell Wednesday with a “d”. Do they put the ” d” because spelling it like Wenesday is more fun or they are just spiteful or are they trying to get us fail in spelling? Or is it because they are bored and adding the “d” makes them look less bored? Maybe it’s because they just love the “d”… We would spend ten minutes arguing this one out. Or we would wonder what could be happening to the universe when the sun is up and the clouds are pouring. My favorite is the one you came up with, that theory about the cheetah giving birth, so the clouds pour and the sun stays up. Or try figuring out what vegan zombies eat! It’s never a sad moment talking to you.

You are my Wednesday kind of love, the one that keeps me sane during the day. I would spend the whole day guessing what might be going on for you during the day. My thoughts are fun, obviously; are you killing people in your head?  or freaking out over some spider?  maybe you are swooning over kids or you are over thinking. Or playing that stupid game from your phone. Maybe you are actually doing the goodamn job you are being paid to do. Are you drinking soda? Or you just taking unlimited coffee breaks. See? I love my imagination.  Thoughts of you have become my safe place, the place I go to when I can’t deal with life. The place that gets me through the day.

You are my Wednesday kind of love, the kind that’s full of surprise and none at all. I love how you respond to situations and everything in between. Your unpredictable nature keeps me on toes. You the only person I know who goes from super pissed to cuddling mode in less than ten seconds. My God! How do you do that? If that isn’t bipolar, I don’t know what is. You give the shades to the grey and take it away at the same time. You my dear, is the very reason we have mercury retrograding.

You are my Wednesday kind of love, the kind that gets me. Our kind of love is both quite and noisy. We don’t have uncomfortable silence or the need to fill the peace and quite with words. We also do have the words and unlimited conversations. We go from talking nonstop to hanging out in silence. Like all Wednesdays, our time together are filled with words and no words at all, with truths and half truths, with fights and peace, with kisses and flowers, with love and the in betweens. Our days are as unpredictable as unmedicated neurotic that Wednesday has proved to be.

You are my Wednesday kind of love. Somewhere in the middle and no ground at all. You see, if you locate Wednesday in the map using the calendar, you will find it right in the middle of Monday to Friday, if you include Saturday and Sunday, you find something else in the middle, that’s not Wednesday. You are my inspiration, my muse and my newfound sanity and insanity.


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