To The One I want To Have Forever With

Wedding or no wedding, expensive ring or no ring at all, I don’t care. We will just say our vows in private or public, whatever you want. Vows mean something to me, that is why we must have those. The big white wedding mean very little to me, even the piece of paper we get after spending lots of money does not hold much, your words of commitment is everything. I will take your word for it, all you have to do is say the words. After our vows, our forever begins.


It won’t be picture perfect, our forever I mean. It won’t be anything perfect. That doesn’t mean we won’t have perfect pictures everywhere. It doesn’t mean we will not win the Instagram dream couple ward, we will obviously win it. I mean, have you met us? We even look good in broken mirror. Well, there will be that, and then there will be real life. We will use our real life to make memories, we will make love( with a different body part not penetration of course). We will fight here and there of course. We might go for days without talking to each other but as long as we are both fighting for us, why not hold on? Misunderstanding will bloom here and there. You will contemplate killing me time and again, I will do the same. As long us we got each other, babe, we are cruising to infinity and beyond.

I will never make you feel jealous of my past relationships, I will never make you feel jealous over the one’s chasing me. What will happen, we will spend now and forever making everyone wish they were us. We will make them jealous of what we have. I intend in having lots of inside Jokes, secret smiles in public, marking territory without necessarily acting insecure and the in betweens.

Expect ridiculous display of affection once in a while. That’s a promise, I will make you walk around town with a banquet of flowers with some weird message like , “she is mine.” You will wear ridiculous hats with a cheesy message on it too. I will show up at your work place, a band in tow to sing you a Happy birthday. I hope that gets you fired so we could travel the world all year long.

I will go on a million adventures with you. Sometimes this adventures will involve cuddling in our PJ’s on a regular Sunday watching reruns even though you hate repeating shows. Sometimes it will involve a lot of hard work, months of working out so we could climb Mt. Kenya. Sometimes it will be chilling in a local pub with our phones/laptops/tablets. Sometimes it will be breakfast in bed. Whatever we will be doing, it will be add to our long list of adventures!

Once in a while I will travel alone, go on holiday alone. Sometimes I will get on the plane or train while I go on an adventure without you, you will see me off on such days. I will feel bad leaving you alone but I will go on anyway. I will come home with stories from the land far away. I will expect you to do the same. I will let you hangout with your friends as often as you want. You can tour the world without me. When you come back, I will want to hear everything about your trip.

I don’t expect you to stay the same. I want to fall in love with you over and over again with your new and old parts. I expect a lot of changes to happen, a lot can happen in forever. Don’t be afraid to edit your life often, that maybe if you change it will ruin us. We can’t stay the same. Our love won’t stay the same either.

If you say you do, our adventure starts now. Let’s dive into life headfirst, no holding back. No matter the weather, we will cruise this forever thing with each other side by side.


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