A Relationship In Your Early Twenties Is A Luxury

Dating in your early twenties is a luxury, not a basic need”


If you single, in your early twenties, you are probably doing this adult thing better than most, you are on the right track. I mean, you have all the time in the world to focus on the most important person, yourself. You can reinvent yourself over and over again, you even get to eat peanut butter straight from the jar naked in your semi kitchen. Hell, you don’t even have to dress up and shit mostly. You can quit your job without dire consequence or judgement. you can switch residence, you can change towns, you can change citizenship etc etc etc. You get to do anything with your life with no consequence of imposing to someone. You don’t have to consult to make some changes in your life. YOU GET TO BE SELFISH! selfish with your time, body, soul, mind and everything. You get to do you without stepping on someone toe either consciously or unconsciously.

Just Because a relationship is a luxury doesn’t mean you should not indulge. I’m in one, and am loving every minute of it. It’s amazing, I found the most wonderful person for a partner. I count myself lucky. If it’s a luxury you can afford, why not? If you find someone who gets you or tries to understand you, then, why not? If you find someone who encourages you to pursue your dreams, then why not? If your someone is positive energy, why not? If they let you do your thing while they are doing theirs, what’s holding you back? Just go right ahead, bask in the luxury! Enjoy.

It’s a luxury only the lucky few can afford. The other day I asked my someone someone to run away with me to the land far away from here. I thought they would say ‘No’ but I got a ‘Yes’.  I was excited at first then I realize it’s the kind thing that I wouldn’t let them do, I mean, I can’t be that cruel. I will leave them behind to do their thing, because that’s what life is about. It’s about chasing our dreams, they seem to be doing just fine here. The last thing I want is impose to them my dreams, all in the name of love. They should stay,  I just hope they get to wait my return. Relationships are not hard, they are just luxurious for most twenty something who get paired up with the wrong people. Or Right people, wrong timing. timing is a bitch!

I don’t know where y’all get the time to cheat, though. Dating one person is already a full-time job, unless you are Hercules, then you are God. If you human like the rest of us, how do you do it? We are all overworked and underpaid as it seems, where do you get the time and energy to do mpango wa kando? Cheating is like the traveling equivalent of sleeping in a 5 star hotel, spending money you don’t have on shit you don’t need! See where I’m going with this?

Though it’s none of my business.

Until next time friends!


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