To The Girl I Met In Campus And I Noticed A Little Too Late That She Was Crazy

She was a girl from my class, I saw her every day in class. I didn’t know she was crazy, she never drew attention to herself. She is among those people who  wear jeans and T-shirt day in day out. No funky hairdo. Four years in the same class and I get to find out about her crazy in my final year, really? Fates have a weird sense of humour.

So, I have been acquainted to her for all these years,  sat next to her in a class or two, we have a bunch of mutual friends and I notice she is AWESOME on our final year!  I know you can play the hand you have been dealt but I feel like someone switched the cards I swear. How did I not know about her? We would have made quite a pair. Give me a girl with questionable morals, a little psychotic, sarcastic, wine lover who would rather hangout alone and hates everyone and you just handed me a soul sister. I’m not saying she has questionable morals, or maybe she does.

I got to know about her crazy in the most unexpected of situations. We were suppose to do our school project and stuff. I went scouting for cool people in class, kumbe I hated everyone ,    scratch that, i hated almost everyone in class. It was the only group that still had room for one more person. I did not have a lot of options anyway, so I joined the craze. It was the most interesting group, they made my final year in campus epic. Our group was the most functional dysfunctional group under the sun, plus I got to get to know one crazy lady.

We started talking about TV shows, books, coffee, wine. I once said I hated people, she shrugged and said, “me too”.  Right at that moment I wanted to hug her but I’m not a hugger, so I cried out with my typical line, ” I want to have Your babies. ” which translates to, I’m Totally impressed. On the heat of the moment, I knew I wanted to hangout with her more. I almost invited her to one of those, ‘book and tea.’ Parties then I realized I didn’t like visitors. So I laid down until the urge to ask her over passed.

Classes became interesting, group work was more fun and school didnt suck that’s much. Before I knew it, school was over. Now we are just virtual friends, who text once in a while. I get my ass online often to find out what shade of crazy she has been sharing online and shit. We never got to hangout alone, but this girl, I still wish we could have had more time together. I ain’t complaining though.

Maybe in another universe we get more time. But imma be grateful of what we got in this universe. I like to think in another universe we are best friends. We do that best friend thing where we marry best friends and live in the same neighborhood. We become those cool moms who are BFFs and our kids become best friend. You only play the hand you have been dealt, in this life time I only got a few months.

This girl I speak of, is one mental case. Obsessive by nature, hates everyone, introverted extrovert, and all the shades of crazy I never had enough time to explore. Thanks for sharing your crazy with me, bitch!

PS. Here is a picture of us taking selfie’s instead of studying.


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