The Cheater’s Chronicles (Part 2)

“Equals madness”


Madness is not only a medical condition. It can be sexually transmitted, I tell you.  If doubt me, then ask around. You will find out how people have lost entire fortunes just because of some ten seconds of pleasure. Ask your grandma to tell you about Samson and his Afro and how he got freaky with a serial barber who cut It. Listen to that Macmuga song if you understand Swahili, that is. After a bit of research you will get the big picture of this madness I speak of.

When you have two heads there is always a battle of wits. sometimes the small one takes over especially when the big one is impaired in one way or the other.  You will see a lady dolled up in a designer outfit but honestly your eyes will be doing x-rays as all you visualize is her birthday suit.. all this becomes a weapon the skirt wearer can use against you. The moment she knows you got hots for her and that you would do anything to please her that’s when shit hits the fan. Demands will be rolling equivalent  to Santa’s  Christmas list.  Due to lust and Ego these demands will be met sometimes at the cost of important people; Sometimes it’s kids and wifey, sometimes it’s the whole damn extended family, sometimes it’s a stable relationship…… and for what?  a few moments of coitus interuptus  that only work to fuel your ego and tends to quell that feeling of misery that you growing old and each day is a day closer for you to ninja kick that bucket. Never worry ,at your age you probably getting more action than you did as a teen due to the extra coins in your account.  This is good for your exercise regime.. Hehe. Now you can even dictate on when and where to meet as it’s not you chasing it’s the paper chaser’s  work to align themselves with your schedule. She will lay it on you as long as her purse and m-pesa smell like a bank .Don’t forget to pay that house rent because hotel rooms are cliche and also that side nigga who lives with his mom needs a venue to finish her off as all you do is tickles and then but! you see symbiosis. it’s a hell of a relationship. Yeah, the government would like to thank you, your hard work is being utilized all the way to the grassroots.

As fucked up as it may seem the above are the good times. Then you know karma and how much of a bitch she gets sometimes. Tables turn, things get worse.  Your wife finds out and she is demanding for a divorce. 50% of your estate is about to be chopped off from everything you own. The young lady gets knocked up. you know because condoms you hate. An innocent soul brought smack into all that drama SMH! Anyway there are a thousand ways you could go down fact is you will. This is why madness should be an STD!

Written By Tingisha Mkuki


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