The Cheater’s Chronicles (Part 1)


My good friend Daisy is of the opinion that cheating is too much of a hustle keeping in mind that the main relationship is too much work!  I agree but not fully.. a fling should be regarded as a side hustle and those taking part should be commended for their zeal and hard work.. In a relationship there are times you literally  struggle not to kill your spouse. They have this mystical ability to get on your every nerve out of the blue. You have to extensively devote your time, effort and money to make It work. Now if after all this you can still find time to cheat,  you my friend is God. You know that, that herculean energy required to satisfy two ladies and the mental stability to be able to deal with all the issues they come with.. You my friend deserve a medal for thinking that you are too smart when in the real sense you dumb!

You end up fuelling your insecurities and amasing paranoia Since you cheating you will start thinking that you are being cheated on. You just grow tired from having to filter calls and texts when you around people and to make everything seem normal.  That kind of showmanship is Hollywood manenoz. You perfect lying through your teeth that you don’t even remember what the truth sounds like, anymore. Hell you would make a polygraph test look ridiculous when you can change your name and the pseudo passes for the truth. All in all you trot through life convincing yourself that even a soldier has a primary weapon and a side piece, that it’s not healthy to eat the same meal on a daily basis haha. Yeah, that will help you sleep like a baby at night, trust me..

The thrill is awesome ,the creeping and adrenaline rushes when you almost get caught! Get the chills when your spouse ameshika simu yako.You now living like a death row inmate. You know you will get caught trouble is you don’t know when ��
fun times i tell you �

PS. 1. Ameshika simu yako is Swahili for, going through your phone.
2. Manenoz means things.

PS.  My good friend tingisha mkuki responded to my article about relationship is a luxury in your early twenties.

Written by Tingisha Mkuki


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