You remember fairy tales where knights used to go on quests to win a lady’s heart?  That was noble and brave, twats who would gladly give their lives for a course. Snap back to reality .My definition of a quest is living! From the moment you set off as a sperm swimming faster than aquaman so as to cross the conception finish line the hustle begins. You made it,  that’s great!

The next quest is hoping that your mom doesn’t get cold feet and evict you faster than a mad man in royal ball .Nine months down the line you kick the door open, the water breaks and you induce the biggest pain pleasure bonanza to get here. Pain is you being born the pleasure and joy is when your parents hold you for the first time. A gift from the universe you are ,one of a kind, they name you. Your first cry goes platinum as it is music to the ears of your kin! Well done little Knight you made it thus far. The life begins, adults come to see you hold you and even talk to you in a language so foreign sometimes you just laugh thinking that they loco! Times are awesome you the king/queen you cry they come, you shit, burp and even scratch and all the attention you get. Life could never be better, eat sleep repeat that’s the life! 

Then school comes along and you now find yourself out of the comfort of your parents home and into the cold world. You cry on the first day and mum will have none of that.  Left in the care of a stranger you decide to brave it out. Life slowly takes shape and educations starts to blossom in you. The more you learn you develop a sense of pride and a tinge of ignorance. Years go by, lessons learned instill discipline and a self sufficient attitude in you. Finally the time flies for you to leave the nest. Your parents could not be more happier tears of joy are all over as not so long ago you we’re a bundle of joy and now you are a grown up. The quest for money and independence is quite the storm you soon find out. Things that used to come easy you now have to work for. You find out that nobody is an island and also embark on a cardiac voyage. One that is filled with with mishaps and betrayals.  With luck you settle down start a family. Then you finally pass the mantle to your younglings.. By this time your parents are old and they soon going to rest. You know it is inevitable but the inner child in you wants them to leave forever. 

Finally they depart and all you got is your kids and family. You take the lessons passed to you and instill them on the little ones. Watch them grow with pride and a sense of accomplishment. Like all things you too will come to an end. The reaper comes to collect. On your last breath your quest is done question is??  Have you done it to the fullest??

the end.

Tingisha Mkuki


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