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Don’t You Dare Blame It On The Liquor


So some philosopher decided that drunks are honest!  Yeah that’s true because my skills as a pathological liar are squashed and I become honest!  Too honest for my own good. Well we could blame liquor for all our misdeed or errors but the definition of sober is somewhat elusive. let’s explore.
You met someone, you instantly like them and before you know it you trip and fall in love. Head over heels my friend but alas the feeling is not mutual. You ignore the signs hoping maybe cupid will pull a favour and change some ice cold heart to warm up to you but nothing happens. My friend you just drunk in love while your supposed partner is sober! can we blame the liquor?

You been working hard and you climb the ladders of power. Then like the flick of a button you start looking down upon those you used to hustle along with. Disgusted by them and push them away because now you have a bigger and better circle. The chicken come home to roost and the fake friends scatter. You now all alone because you was too drunk with power. Can we blame the liquor?

You wake up one day and win the lotto. You now balling and will have nothing to do with family or friends. You meet ladies who are willing and able to assist you where spending is hard. Bit by bit you squander your fortune away. When it’s all gone you all alone knee deep in debt regretting in a million ways. Yeah you was high on life but really can we blame the liquor?

Booze gets blamed for virtually anything negative but you forget that human imperfections fuel our vices and leave us crashed and depressed. Then is when all you can do is blame something like booze or the best cliche yet,  or better still the Devil!!

The end!

Tingisha Mkuki


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