Heartbreak · Love

This Is My TBT


I had this awesome human being as my partner once. It was a telemundo of sorts and I have never regretted any moment of it irregardless of how hard she dropped me. To her I was a bad habit but that’s a story for another day.

There is this one time I lent out an item of hers and the user was a twat and used it in a manner that would make the term savage an understatement.  She actually found the crime in progress and naturally she blew all gaskets.She was furious, and my little education was enough to know that hell has no fury like a woman scorned.  The light skin in her turned pink and instantly I knew I was in poop!  She left me in the room and went to calm down at the neighbours place. You know that dumb twat who always hits on your mama hoping one day he would get lucky. So I tried to twist my tongue for the better to no avail. So I decided to leave.

Halfway to my place I decided that there wasn’t a problem I couldn’t fix. Ego my friend. I went shopping  ,replaced what was ruined and added her favourite brand of chocolate in the mix. I went to her and since I knew she didn’t want to see me I handed her the items and left. Seconds later she called.  I picked expecting a tongue lashing but all she said was babe it’s okay. Music to my ears I knew I wouldn’t be stabbed at night because of my transgressions. She went ahead and asked me why I loved her so much and all I could come up with is just because I do

Attractions are there and love is there too what I have never figured out is what gets us there. I have read, Googled but still I have Jack squat!  please if you have an answer indulge me please


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