Cardiac tattoos

During the course of life we meet people from all walks some are just passing by ,others stick around for a while and then there are those that are for keeps. life Long bonds that never grow thin due to distance or busy schedules. Those you know are forever. Then there are those that you meet in the name of romance. They should have a category of their own. 

You meet someone and voila you instantly connect, it suddenly feels like you have found the missing part of your own puzzle. They have this surprising ability to make your cardiac rhythm skip a few bit and create enough pollen In your stomach to have butterflies in your stomach. They take all your time both night and day as you are deeply engrossed in conversations with them ranging from everything to nothing.The person has this superhuman ability to be able to penetrate through your defences like a knife through butter. They can see through the plastic face you put out to the world. For the first time you feel safe, safe enough to let your guard down. Open your heart to endless possibilities of happiness. Your joy is on maximum, high on cloud nine and Cupid is the bomb in your books. You let them in, give yourself to them your are now bare and they have all the power over you because you have surrendered fully to them.Bliss, unimaginable joy and things could not get any bbetter. 

Then poof in classical universe style , poof!! Your bubble bursts and it’s time to wake up to the reality that all good things come to an end. You are now left broken, shattered into a million pieces all alone. You now feel like you dead inside as a little part of you is now gone. As is life things must go on, slowly feelings turn into memories and with time these memories fade as new ones are created but remember that small piece of you that you lost?  Yeah you will miss it and the part of your heart that it was in remains hollow and void. That my friends is a cardiac tattoo, constant reminder that shit happens


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