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Excerpt From The Book I Will Never Write

Hi, how are you doing? 

I’m fine. Been and there. You? 

I’m fine. Married? Kids? 

Hahaha… None. I have a couple of pups, a pug and a few cats. You? 

Married, with a few kids and a beautiful wife. 

Wow, good stuff. Congratulations. 

It’s not a bed of roses, but am getting by. You know what they say about family? 

That it’s forever…. 

Exactly. What keeps you going? 

I married my career and I work for my cats and dog we don’t want them dying of starvation now, right? My god, I love them. 

Life alone, huh? 

Uhu uhu… I took your advice. I only get to live for’s peaceful. 

I guess

Yea, you will never know.  I wanted to do forever with you.. . You ran. 

I stopped running. 

She must be special. 

Well, you were special. 

Hahaha.. Now that’s funny. Anyway, conquered your demons? 

Nope, I suppress them. They can’t come out to play with her and the kids around. 

Double standards. I see. You write this days? 

Nope. Never started. You? 

I dabble. I have a few books. A memoir will be out soon. Don’t bother reading, it’s mostly about my dogs and cat. 

I will read. 

It’s anonymous, no one knows it’s me. 

You never stopped running? 

My demons still chase, how can I stop when they keep chasing? 

I know, right? 


I missed you. 

I missed you too. Maybe we should go to my place? 

I would love to go and break my vows, but I think I will pass. 

What!!. you keep your promises these days? 

I surprise myself too. 

Anyway, I wanted you to meet my pug, I named her after someone special. 

That would be…..

Come to my place sometime. 

I’m not making any promises. 



You look good by the by. 

I know, right? It’s amazing what plastic surgery can do. 

Hahaha.. To quote Dolly Parton, “if something hangs or sags you suck it…. Or something close to those lines. 

You remember? That’s my icon all the way. 

I remember everything about you. Told ya that you special. Remember? 

Hahaha.. Full of flatteries still? 

Don’t be dramatic. 

Bye, I will see you soon. Cats to feed, dogs to clean and people to kill. Say hello to your family. 

You too, bye beautiful. 



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