Today was a bad day part 2

Clearly we have a problem,because the big man just addressed me by my nickname.Immediately i go sherlock holmes in my mind trying to find out who the mole is.I mean if he knows my nickname then he knows my skeletons.

I compose myself and meekly ask what the problem is. We have very poor results in this region. Now im already thinking that this is the kind of issues that he should be asking the team leader not  footsoldier like me. I try to tell him that we are doing our best and he goes like that simply doesn’t cut it. Now im tongue tied because i was just going snake my way through the meeting and avoid any fire power that would be sent my way with deflective answers but now im smack in the middle of the war zone and im pinned down. I try and look at my colleagues for support and i could have sworn i saw a tumble weed roll by. Thats how isolated i was. 

He then says that i have been a thorn in his side where i always instigate mini rebellions in the team.The sqaud tends to listen but when the going gets tough im always hang out to dry.. No one stands up to second me. He is of the opinion that i should be plucked from the herd and maybe just maybe things might run smoothly. 

By this time im already pissed at everyone. Is there no honor among thieves?  I ask myself. I instigate things for their benefit but i have to deal with the blow back on my own. Just then i retort, okay then sir i hae heard you loud and clear and i promise you there will be change. Just like that the revolutionary in me dies and is replaced by a temporary boot licking prick. I feel a cool feeling of self loathing creeping into ny heart and im almost tempted to quit because surely that is not me. Then i remember that even if i walk away im the loser and none of the pricks i got ito trouble with will be there to foot my bills  .well its over for now  i tell myself cheekily and sit through the rest of the meeting. 

The next day the phone rings,  dude please start a motion on when our allowances are coming out. I simply hang up and turn in my bed cursing obscenities only i and my pillow know.. 


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