​22 Lessons I Picked In My 22 Years Of Experience

  1.  You need to take as many breaks or holidays as you feel you need. Once upon a time I used to do everything I’m expected to do. There was a year in campus I attended all charges. I didn’t miss a class, I was an active member of drama which practice was every evening, I was a committee member of some student association, I attended all group discussions and I hit the gym every morning. Basically, I did everything I was expected, called my mom often, the same to my siblings. I became everyone’s 911. I always showed up. I had a serious burn out. I couldn’t even leave my bed. It was so severe that sheer will and coffee didn’t cut it. That was the year I said “fuck it!” I will just do me. I don’t want to ever feel Like that again. So I take as many breaks as I want from real life, what’s the worst that could happen? Sometimes I wake up, sip my coffee and go back to bed. I’m just looking out for me. 
  2. Keep your promises. I’m horrible at keeping promises, so I rarely dish them out. I feel horrible when I break promises. I’m still working on this part of my life. I have serious issues with keeping promises. I think it has something to do with my superpowers, and that would be changing my mind. But that’s bullshit, I’m just making excuses for myself. Come 22, I will seriously work on you, promises. 
  3. Travel as often as you want. I’m one person who hits the road without a plan. I’m poor and stuff, but that hasn’t prevented me from moving around. All I need is a twenty in my pocket, bus fare and thoughts of a land far away from here…. And baby, I’m gone. I have woke up in different towns more often than I care to count. I have been thinking about Samburu for a while now, I think I will be heading east soon. 
  4. Keep your circles small. If I were to do a wedding right now, believe me the maximum invites from my side will be twenty at most including family and friends. I kid you not!  it will be a miracle to get five bridesmaid. Don’t get it twisted, I have friends from all over the World, they are just not in my circle. I talk to them often. My inner circle is tight, with very few people. I call them chosen family! 
  5. Things will happen whether you worry about them or not. You will find love, you will get pregnant, you will get that promotion, you will get a job, you will graduate college bla bla bla… Or maybe you won’t, maybe something even better will come your way. So stop worrying and live a day at a time. Or like I like to say, one cup of coffee at a time. 
  6. Reading is life, thanks to dearest mommy and daddy for introducing me to the wonderful world of books, words and pure Bliss… And lots of thanks to my sometimes therapist Mweka Makali for introducing me to ebooks. You saved a life there! Or like my favorite human likes to say, “I disappear in books, what’s your superpower? “
  7. All work without play makes Jack a dull boy. 
  8. Communication is key. Well, I also suck in this too. Can somebody make an app(not one like Facebook obviously), that make people you love read your thoughts. Maybe that’s not a good idea, because sometime I’m killing you people in my head. But again, it’s better than y’all thinking that I’m self absorbed and selfish. I will try work on this one too. I’m not making any promises. I will try to be better in communicating. Though, I just love when y’all are talking, all I have to do is listen and talk about zombies and shit. The last thing I want is to lose one more person because I didn’t say the right thing. Am I allowed to put my feelings and thoughts in writing? It won’t help because people who read shit I write are mostly strangers. Looks like I will have how to communicate better. 
  9.  Coffee brain is a thing, I swear.  I know this because without coffee I’m a cranky devil spawn bitch from hell who wants to ruin everybody’s life. Thanks to coffee, I smile often and my words are filtered. I’m politely nodding my head and smiling at everyone. See the difference? 10. Anybody who smiles or talks before 9 in the AM is a demon or demon spawn. I still think my best friend is the devil incarnate. She is always in a good mood even before 9. I have killed her in my head so many times I lost count. Mornings are made for silence and coffee only! Can y’all just shut up already, I will be on my phone as I sip my coffee in peace. 
  10. There’s nothing like too much coffee or food or wine. Every time is coffee time, every time is food time and there’s nothing like too early for wine. Start the bottle already at 11 sweetie. 
  11.  Learn a new skill and never use it. Like I learnt how to Cook good food. Now I just spend my life cooking horrible food and stuff. I like being a bad cook. I wear that badge with honor. If I come to your house, don’t let me in to the kitchen. I will offer to do a new recipe for you then go Right ahead and ruin it grandly. You will never eat that food again. Or I will offer to do your favorite food, ruin it. You will be scarred for life. I’m awesome like that. 
  12. It’s okay to be lost, it’s okay to have no idea what you doing with your life. No one has it all figured 
  13.  Self love is bullshit, self care is real. Only selfish narcissist preach about self love. Love is suppose to be given not contained. Call me a hopeless romantic but I’m not afraid to get burn because of love. I don’t mind being ridiculous and desperate because of love. Well, as much as I do all things for love it doesn’t mean I don’t take care of myself. I have rituals, meditations, me time, books, spa days etc etc. I always look out for me, still I go right ahead and do the unthinkable for love. Don’t get this two twisted. 
  14.  You don’t have to post your problems or “good times” on Facebook. Well, when I’m having a good time, I will be busy absorbed in the moment rather than taking photos for the sake of social media. I found balance between real life and social media. I’m way Cool in real life than here after all. Or maybe I’m not. The shit I share online is either for your entertainment or something someone would relate to. 
  15. Being an adult sucks but it’s better than being 18. I hated being 18 anyway, I love being 22. I can do with my life whatever I feel Like with no adults parading around me! 
  16. Fall in love with the wrong person. The one who treats you like an option. The one who makes you cry. The one the wrong one. This will teach you how you want to be treated in future. It will make you realize that apparently you matter. It will make you realize your worth. 
  17.  Start over as many times as you want. Don’t get stuck in anything that is not satisfying. I don’t know how much starting over I will have to do in the next decade or two but I know it’s a lot. I’m not afraid of beginnings even though endings suck! I don’t mind picking up the pieces and starting over. That’s the whole point of living anyway. 
  18. Your mom is always right if you don’t believe me then go right ahead against all the things she taught you. Good luck screwing up big time sweetie. Then right back ahead where she is and cry on her lap like the idiot that you have become. 
  19. Make your first million by 26 or sign up for being a second class citizen already and shut the fuck up. Pay your taxes, complain about traffic, pop a few kids and live in a suburb like every other second class citizen. Or if you are in your twenties, work hard and hit that Millie mark before thirty my beloved. 
  20.  You were born to live not dedicate your life to one person. I know it sounds romantic and shit to have that one person to live for but there are over 7 billion all over the world you better connect with at least 0.1% of that my Darling. Everywhere I go, I make sure I get a peek into someone’s life that I will never see again. I get to hear their story, what’s their deal and what keeps them going. I’m made of the stories I have lived, the stories have heard and the ones have read. Before I die I want to be a collection of all these stories. 
  21.  There’s a chance your best friend is your soulmate or maybe not. Maybe soulmates is a Hollywood myth we should stop banking on. 
  22. Nothing is ever that serious. We can as well do whatever we want. 

Here’s to being 22. 


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