Welcome To The World Milan

5.46 pm yesterday, you walked into this world. Tiny, heathy and crying. Welcome to the world little thing.

Here there’s no safe place. And your last decent sleep was before 5.46 Darling. Hereafter is a bunch of crying at night, for the next few months. Then you will be forced to take naps, by mommy, several times along the way. After that stage, you will be forced to sleep late (due to homework) and wake up early (due to school). No one let’s you sleep anymore.  After your school years, insomnia will kick in, and just when you fall asleep it’s daylight already. You should be functioning.  You will long for your bed all day long and sleep disappears the minute you get home, this stage is called adulthood. I don’t know what happens after that stage though, I’m stuck in adulthood for now.

In this world, everyone is selfish except your mom. Cherish her with all your heart. She is the only one who gives a rat ass about you. You better make her proud, my little man.

And survival is for the fittest. Be everything my boy, but don’t be weak. Be strong. Everybody is just trying to get by, everyone is surviving. If that means using others as staircase they don’t mind.

When you old enough, you will be forced to make hard decisions. Don’t be afraid. Tough decisions is what maketh a man. Ask your mom.

PS. I wrote this months ago, three months and counting. I love you so much baby Milan. 


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