I get mad when.. 

Someone you deeply respect and maybe even have feelings for takes you for a fool. When they try some senseless bullshit in the hopes that you might not notice and incase you do they expect you to be okay with it. I mean the nerve on some people sometimes always there using you just taking from you just like vermin. There should be a special place to incasarate such people. 

When you are a member of a team and you tend to think you are always right. Making team decisions on your own without any form of consultation. Always arguing over facts just because you dont agree with them. These types make me mad. 

People that tend to lie even when they not supposed to. Human beings are filled with imperfections but some have manufactured ones. Someone will lie to you about what they intend todo in future and mind you, you haven’t asked them. They will lie to get you to help them. They will lie to appear how they want to be percieved but remember when its their turn to offer help they will lie to your face about how they can’t. 

Woke up mad this morning, i hate all of humanity right now but thats nothing a cup of coffee wont fix. Then i can go about acting how things are great and all. I wonder when im getting my Oscar award. 

Oh sorry about the morning rant. I get mad when i get mad too. 


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