Dear (lets leave this space for whoever earns it) 

Hey you been thinking about you alot of late. To be honest i miss you like junky looking for a fix. I long too see you. It’s been too long already. I might have antarctic DNA making me cold and detached but sometimes your warm embrace neutralizes this effect. You make me human again so i can feel. 

The hunger within me is unparalleled because my menu is basically you. Don’t get me twisted I’m not some weirdo into caniballism and intends to devour you no. Let me tell you how withdrawal has knee deep in shit. 

Firstly i miss the long conversations   we had and maybe will have in future. Some mind blowing talks edged in the fine line of sense, humor and downright silly. I miss the gentle slap on my back when i have you blushing when i tease you. I miss the genuine sweet smile you always elicit when we are together. 

I met my therapist the other day and was told that i looked gloomy. I said it was just a long day but deep inside i knew that i was missing everything about you. From all the good things to the bad .Basically you are the perfect package and all your flaws are my baggage. Bat shit crazy you are but hey i would never trade you in for sanity. 

The laid back weekends, doing nothing but each other. Felt so good and honestly i thought this shit could never end. The fights and the make ups always a thriller. Always throwing in the towel first in an argument voz i knew you would win anyways. 

I miss writing letters to you. The correspondence made life so fun that technology was jealous of us. Watching you sleep was always awesome because my aftistic mind would always try and imagine what you was dreaming about. 

I miss our walks whereby we would walk for short distances for the longest time ever. I hated your window shopping but i had to suck it up because it made you happy. 

Our drinking escapedes were always awesome. I would always carry you home but i never got mad because you were mine and you had fun to the fullest without a care in the world because you knew i was there. 

You was always my anchor and i could stand anything knowing you were by my side. I could laugh in the face of danger because you was my wonder woman. 

Well nostalgia can be brutal sometimes. Here i wanted to write about the future and all i can do is look back. 


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