Just my luck

I believe I’m the most unlucky person to ever walk in the face of the earth. This has been proven many at times where my cloud shows a silver lining and for some time, things run smoothly. I guess this is the time taken by life to get her nails done because soon after they done she rips the world from under my feet. I am often left desolate and stressed floating in an abyss of nothingness unable or even unwilling to fight anymore. 

Like a rabid dog she has me chained and often yanks my chain with prospects of a brighter future and in a second it all goes away.She always has me salivating. On good days she lets me have a chunk of the goodlife and allows it so well that it’s left edged in my mind for a long time.On bad days im left beat with all the reminiscing and what ifs trivia in my mind.

I sometimes feel tired ,depressed and angry with all this bullshit .I contemplate on walking out of this abusive relatiinship with life but then,just then my ego kicks in and wont allow her to win so easily.So i live to fight another day knowing full well that another storm is brewing.I use the calm before the storm to reinforce the mind and soul to be able to take whatever comes .I know it will come at some point  strip me bare of my dignity and self respect. Even then i always afford a big ass smile no matter how plastic that shit is. I always find time to make others laugh, help others where they feel down and always show up when needed. 

So with all my bickering and whining i can always afford to be human. Whats your excuse?? 

There is no excuse! 


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