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Why Have You Left The One You Left Me For

I don’t understand a thing you do anymore. I thought I had you figured out. I thought you were happy in her arms. I thought she was everything you were looking for. That night you broke up with me, you said you had found someone who completes you. You said she didn’t complete your sentences but she said the right things. You said she didn’t clean as much as I did but she cooked mean pancakes and a decent meal. You said she didn’t push you to be a better man because she already thought you were great. You said she wasn’t sarcastic, every word from her mouth was sincere. She wasn’t a wild woman, she sounded more like dearest mommy. I knew she wasn’t your type but the one you were made to believe you needed. 

When you talked about her, I knew she was all you thought you needed to settle down. She sounded like your mother. She sounded like the type of girl who would bake cookies on Sunday afternoons and walk the dogs every evening. The type of girl who was afraid of wolves and so she made you get some bearskin. She was not the moon, that was me. She did not make you howl like crazy every full moon. She sounded more like honey to your new bearskin. You can’t stop being a wolf you know, no matter how much bearskin you put on. You might have enjoyed the honey, in your new bearskin but the wolf was meant to come out sooner or later. Even in sheep skin they are still wolves. 
So, my untamed wolf, why have you left the one you left me for? You got tired of homemade food? Or was it the curfew that set you off? Why walk away from such a picture perfect love. Even I was jealous because you too looked so good together. You were the textbook power couple. Your love had no surprises. Dinner was served everyday at 8, breakfast at 7. Bedtime was nothing later than eleven. You were living the American dream; a beautiful wife, a decent mortgage plan, a job you hated and a few acquaintances. No one walks away from the American dream my dear, you walking away from me made more sense than you leaving her. Our love was unpredictable, crazy and something out of the World I suppose. We were a wreck and my god I loved every second of it. Mad passionate love, loud and a little violent. Leaving her does not add up, but don’t worry. I understand. 

Welcome back, to the wild and free people. I would love to update you on what’s been going on but I have places I need to be. You will figure out your path. I found my tribe, I hope you find yours too. Word of advice, American dream wasn’t made for wolves like you so don’t think of going down that path again. Here is a raft to keep you alive until you find a solid way to survive( a map, 2000 and bus ticket to wherever). Stay alive my old friend. 



5 thoughts on “Why Have You Left The One You Left Me For

  1. You have perfected this art.Very emotional piece, someone may have to miss sleep tonight. Whichever the case, you have nailed it and sorry to those that receive bad taste from this article. So so inspirational.


  2. Hey!

    I’m loving your blog but I would also like to invite you to submit a short piece to my own. I think your perspective and style of writing would be a perfect piece for my project.

    It’d also be a great way to get your blog/writing out there.

    Please feel free to email me (jennifer@youngandtwenty) with more questions, or take a look at the ‘BEING Young & Twenty’ page on my blog.

    I hope I’ll hear from you 🙂



    1. I Guess I Will Just Go Right Ahead And Marry Myself

      Don’t get it twisted, I haven’t given up on marriage yet. Love? Maybe. I’m not so sure about love and shit other than human beings make it so hard to love. One day they make you the center of their universe and the next you don’t feature anywhere in their life. Nothing is rational or logical about love and humans. It’s a can worm full of complications. In my head, love is simple. It involves lots of sex, dinner for two, date nights, movie nights, planned trips, lots of misunderstanding, 3 AM calls….. … In my head, it involves lots of things done together, telling each other stories of things not done together and calling dibs on who gets to use the toilet first when we get home.Just look, fucking look what happens in real life…..Romeo and Juliet die, Dante and Beatrice never get the chance to be together and you and me belong together in another universe maybe. Well, we all have our love stories and most of you will agree with me that they are all insane.

      Now that I’m giving up on love and still have lots of faith on marriage. I guess I  will just go right ahead and marry myself. I will take my ass to Paris, surprise myself with a diamond ring, dinner for one and drinking for two kind of engagement party. I will toast to myself from myself and drink champagne straight from the bottle. I will Spoil my ass with a few nice things from Paris especially chocolates, wine, coffee and champagne. Then that’s just it, my dream proposal in one paragraph. I just asked me to marry me in Paris with a diamond ring, just like I always imagine my significant other would have proposed.

      I will fly my ass home. Stress my girlfriends( all three of you)over my perfect wedding preparation. Make them run up and down; planning my hen party, wedding dress shopping where I will keep saying No to the Dress until I find the perfect dress. Make them question my sanity all along but because they are nice they won’t bail on me. I know y’all will support me because secretly you also want to marry yourself. Y’all will call me crazy while silently congratulating me for actually going through with it. You kids will help with writing and sending invitations to friends and family while I hunt down for a very twisted(vain) priest to officiate my Union. Walk my ass down the isle and just marry me! Honestly, the only thing that seem to stay in my life is me. I got me for life, I can as well marry me.

      They say, “if you Meet someone amazing that you like a little too much , argue too much and enjoy each others company too much and who irritates you just as often then you should marry that one. ” The entire time whoever said those words has been describing me for me. I like hanging out with myself, I argue with myself to the point of interrupting me mid sentence, am amazing and annoying AF. So, imma take that piece of advice literally and marry me.

      Here are the vows.

      Riri 1 I take Riri 2 to be my lawfully wedded wife through sickness and health.

      Riri 2 I take Riri 1 to be my lawfully wedded wife bla bla bla bla

      You may now kiss the bride

      Right this moment I blow kisses to the crowd that was crazy enough to show up. I blow two kisses, both for me.

      The journey to life alone sealed. How about that?


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